Top 10 sites to buy wordpress Themes

RankWordpress Theme ProvidersPriceFeaturesReviewsScoreVisit
1-hosting$25 StartingMore than 15000 templates
Themeforest Reviews
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.



$59.95 Starting
$399.95 All Themes
More than 112000 websites trust studiopress
Powered by our Genesis Framework
Studiopress Reviews
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.



Support and forum access
Theme and plugin updates
25GB of storage space
ITheme Reviews
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$399-For all wordpress themes
Access to 55 WordPress themes
1 Year Access to all new themes
1 Year Support access
woothemes forest Reviews
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Refer websites for pricesPremium WordPress Themes
Free Lifetime Support and Upgrades
Mojo-Themes Reviews
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Refer websites for pricesmore 46,000 designs to choose
Template Monster Reviews
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.



Single Line-$59-$100
Extended License-$99-$150
WP zoom-$199+$19(per month)
WordPress Theme
Lifetime License
12 Months of Support & Updates
Unlimited Domain Usage
wpzoom Reviews
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.



Personal- $69/yr
Life time-$249 one time.
Theme Updates
Unlimited website usuage
Layered Photoshop files
Elegant theme Reviews
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Standard Member-$49
Lifetime member-$99.5
Complete Access To All Current 52 Themes
1 Year Complete Access To All New Themes
1 Year Free Theme Updates
Lifetime Theme Support
Theme Junkie Reviews
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.



Standard -from $45
Developer-from $85
Club Member-$195
Unlimited domainsThemefuse Reviews
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Selected themes
Technical support
weekly updates
Teslathemes Reviews
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Theme Package-$79
VIP Club Package-$299
Theme Installation-$15
Free Theme support
Free Theme updates
PSD File access
Premiumpress Reviews
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Basic Plus-$164
Product Update
Email Support
Social Media Sharing Boxes
Diythemes Reviews
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All Themes-$249Complete theme files, demo content and PSD.
Complete documentation and tutorials.
Unlimited theme usage license.
Organicthemes Reviews
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Single Theme-$79
All Themes Plan-$149
Pro Plan-$399
All 53 word press themes
1 Year Theme Updats
1 Year Of Support Access
Graphpaperpress Reviews
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Basic Installation-$39
Pro Installation-$59
Premier Installation-$149
Plugin Installs
Logo Image Update
Templatic Reviews
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Speed Guaranteed
Word Press Theme Installation
Fully Managed
nattywp Reviews
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Stunning websites-$29Stunning WordPress Themes & Plugins Wpnow Reviews
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Free Themes
Single Themes-$49/year
Themify Club-$79/year
One Year Support and UpdatesThemify Reviews
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One time fee-$59.95Dreamweaver / Frontpage / GoLive / HTML Editor Ready
One-time fee provides unlimited access for 1 full year
Dream Template Reviews
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Single theme-$99
App themes club standard-$249
Lifetime license
Unlimited websites
12 months support
12 months free updates
Appthemes Reviews
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Power package-$199
Mega Power Package-$499
All in one-$299
Lifetime License
Unlimited websites
PSD Package
#6ded64 Raised $100 towards the $100 target.


Best Websites to Buy WordPress Themes

In this century we are living in a tech savvy world and we have become accustomed with various advancements in the world of technology. Again, as the industry is spreading all over the world and we need to follow some advanced methods to make our business world famous. One of the most important ways to make our business renowned is to develop our own website. Though, we sometimes face difficulties in developing a website, but if we have knowledge on WordPress, then it will be nice for us to develop a nice and attractive website for our industry. You can make your website gorgeous with the development of top 10 WordPress Theme Website.

Basic idea about WordPress and its themes

When you are opting for having an excellent website, you obviously need to find top 10 Sites to Find WordPress themes. But, at first you need to have a clear knowledge about the WordPress.  For developing a website, WordPress is considered as the most simple and most user friendly software. At present this software is the most useful for website designing and development. It contains various suitable themes which are well nicely crafted and expresses elegance within the website. There is abundance of unique and highly attractive themes available in WordPress.

Primary requirements to install WordPress

Before you plan to upload WordPress for your website, you must know the different versions of this useful software. WordPress is available in two versions as Version 3.1 and version 3.2. We can have a glimpse over the primary requirements of the version 3.1.

  • Here we need PHP 4.3
  • MySQL 4.1.2 is another important tool required before uploading WordPress
  • To run WordPress successfully, it is required to have Apache or Nginx server

WordPress is said to be one of the most SEO friendly software and hence any website that is developed with WordPress can be ranked at a better position within a very short period. Hence, one can search 10 websites to find the Best Premium WordPress Themes to have such a website which can help a lot in promoting your business.

How to Installing WordPress

For installation of this software, we can ask for help of some professional or we can do it ourselves if we have a little knowledge in various downloading process. At first we need to go the site of the WordPress and download the software. After completion of the downloading process, we need to run the software like other software. Then you need to go to the Control panel of your website and upload the WordPress. Hence, downloading and uploading of this software is a very simple technique and will take just five minutes. After uploading, you need to buy a suitable WordPress theme for your website and here you need to search the best websites to buy WordPress themes.

Features of WordPress

Till now from the above discussion, it has been quite clear that installing WordPress has become famous software for developing and designing websites. We must have knowledge about what are the basic features of this sothe ftware. Here we can discuss the features of WordPress which are useful for the developers.

  • WordPress has a great feature to create a plugin system. It is seen that once you create your plugin, you will be able to get a plugin repository which helps the hosting process a lot.
  • WordPress has unique features i.e. WordPress API and this feature gives primary support in creating themes. We can choose the theme which is suitable for our website.
  • After theme creation, application framework is another significant feature of WordPress. This feature is helpful to build an application and will guide you a lot in choosing your favorite app. Here users can get benefits like HTP requests, user management, translation, URL routing and many more things.
  • WordPress has the features of custom content type. Here you can also put in some few lines of your own code and create your own taxonomies or metadata. Hence, to use the website as per your direction you should definitely choose WordPress software.
  • Another important feature of WordPress is latest script libraries. These script libraries also include jQuery, underscore.js, backbone.js, and Plupload etc.

Those above are the primary features of WordPress and we can observe that as the technology progresses and the demand for website development is increasing, the importance of WordPress is growing day by day. We can have some great and effective themes from top 10 WordPress Theme Websites.

Advantages of using WordPress

Every business person wants to have their own business website and the most convenient way to develop a suitable website is to use the famous software, WordPress. Along with various useful features, this software also possesses some significant advantages. Here we can take a look of these advantages.

  • User friendly: This software is considered as one of the most user friendly software and hence anyone, having a little knowledge in downloading and uploading of software can use WordPress.
  • Very simple to use: This software has become user friendly with the main feature of simplicity. One can use this software easily and publish his or her website to the public.
  • Friendly management: We can have the benefit to login the site from any computer as WordPress is fully browser based.
  • No requirement of HTML editing or FTP software: The main advantage of WordPress is that it is a self contained system and hence here we will not require any editing of HTML and FTP software.
  • SEO friendly: When we develop a website, we must try to position it at the top in all the search engines. For this the software must be SEO friendly and here in WordPress we can obtain this facility. Hence, with the use of WordPress we can easily rank our website at the top within a very short time.

Apart from these above there are lots of benefits that we can get from WordPress software and easily attach appropriate themes. There are some top sites to buy WordPress themes from where you can easily buy a theme for your website to promote your business.