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Webhostingpad.com Reviews

In the race of various web hosting service companies in the market , if you want to choose the best amongst the all which provides well-founded and reasonable  both site creation and hosting service  that to in a very straightforward manner for inexperienced users, then we at Jcount would advice you to go with Webhostingpad.com. After reading Webhostingpad  Reviews   , we concluded that it  is delivering  the best value in the internet hosting by providing a safe, dependable and efficient way to create a website on internet for individual or small business users. It is also providing the most affordable packages which  everyone can easily afford for becoming a part of world wide web.

Features Making Webhostingpad.com Different Than Others

Webhostingpad.com  is a decent web hosting service which  providers  all the basic  web hosting components,  which further allows you to design a site and publish it online within a single day. Here are some of the important features of Webhostingpad  services   listed below which is making it the best choice in the industry .

Free Domain Name Registration and Domain Transfer : With Webhostingpad services , users are not only able to register one domain name for free but they can also transfer a domain to this service without paying any fee for the same.

Simplicity Of Service: Web hosting is not really that easy especially for the beginners who are not familiar with the process. But with Webhostingpad services , even new users can easily create their own webpages through simple methods and with the strong support systems including a unique control panel.

Secure and Reliable Service:  Webhostingpad services has earned a name for providing completely secure and reliable web hosting services. The superfast backbone connections ensure an outstanding uptime that is 99% uptime as well as immediate resolution of issues.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: Using webhostingpad  service does not   provide any limitations in their shared hosting plans which in fact  provides  more than enough disk space and bandwidth  for the usage according to the customers needs.

State-of-Art Data Centres: This service is offering the most reliable and flexible internet infrastructure solutions in the industry. The centres are 99.99% available which inturn helps the customers to manage and utilize their operations anytime and anywhere.

Backup solution for websites:  Webhostingpad services offers the customers an easy backup tool so that the user can take a full account backups including email backups, and  database backups so that the customer is always having a fallback for their website .

30-day Money Back Guarantee: All the plans provided by this hosting serviceincludea 30-day money back guarantee. In case a customer is dissatisfied by the services for any reason, then the user can get the full refund back if they cancel the account within the 30-days of the initial sign up date.

Award Winning Customer Service: Webhostingpad  Services has been ascribed with a number of awards and recognition for their efforts in providing a top quality service to all their customers.

Advanced Control Panel:  Webhostingpad  service account also includes a cPanel Control Panel which is the leading industry’s most friendly control panel which makes the hosting  very easy and quick.

Webhostingpad service  is a basic web hosting service which is very easy to use and which can also render websites within a limited access to the time. It is best to choose Webhostingpad.com if you are looking for a easy-to-use and no-frill  web hosting.



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