Scholar Rock raises $36M in Series B

What does Scholar Rock?

Scholar Rock, is a biotechnology company which is focused on discovering and developing drugs which selectively targets supra cellular activation of growth factors in the disease micro-environment. The company is discovering and developing a new class of biological therapies. The company focuses on the discovering and developing of novel biological therapeutics.  The company is developing a new class of biological therapies for selectively targeting the dysregulated growth factors in the disease micro-environment through supra cellular activation modulation, which results in therapeutic effects specifically at the disease source. Their technology has a unique capability for highly selective targeting of growth factors which play a main role in regulating the growth of the cells and differentiation. The supra cellular activation modulation is related to a wide range of diseases including musculoskeletal systems, fibrosis, cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company has a highly experienced management team with leaders who have helped in building biotech companies. Dr. Leonard Zon and Dr. Timothy Springer, distinguished scientists have founded this company. Their key discoveries in the growth factor biology are enabling the company’s therapeutic approach.
How much Scholar Rock was funded?

Scholar Rock raised $36M in Series B on January 4, 2015 from Timothy A. Springer, ARCH Venture Partners, The Kraft Group, Cormorant Asset Management, Polaris Partners, and Fidelity Management and Research Company

Previous funding

$20M in Series A on September 15, 2014 from ARCH Venture Partners, Kraft Group, Polaris Partners and EcoR1 Capital

What is next for Scholar Rock?

Scholar Rock’s latest financing will help it in building a leading innovative biotechnology company.

More about Scholar Rock

Scholar Rock was founded in 2012 by Timothy A. Springer. It has its headquarters in Cambridge, MA. This is the 1st company to exploit the supracellular activation mechanism for discovering and developing a pipeline of best in class therapeutic candidates.