What does ShopKeep do?

ShopKeep, is a cloud based technology and business management solution which over 18,000 independent merchants are using.  It is a cloud based iPad point of sale for retail stores and restaurants. It was founded by retailers for retailers. ShopKeep POS is an affordable and complete platform for running a shop from an iPad. It is has the industry’s best customer support. The company’s iPad app rings sales, receipts, prints and processes credit cards. It can also manage reports, inventory, and customers for anywhere without additional hardware. ShopKeep POS has 2 parts; front end cash register interface for iPad and a Back office website where all there is all the data about the transactions and it is available for viewing for store owners and managers from any browser. The front end is synced with the Back Office, that gives real time exact reports with a single click. Thus, a store owner can run his store without being stuck.

How much ShopKeep was funded?

ShopKeep raised $60M in Series D funding on Jul y28, 2015 led by Activant Capital with support from existing investors.

Previous funding

$2.2M in Series A funding on January 17, 2012

$10M in Series B funding on December 5, 2012 from Canaan Partners (Lead)Partner: Dan Ciporin, TTV Capital and Tribeca Venture Partners Partner: Brian Hirsch

$25M in Series C funding on April 24, 2014 from Thayer Street Partners (Lead), Contour Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, Tom Glocer, Matt Coffin, Tribeca Venture Partners Partner: Brian Hirsch and TTV Capital

What is next for ShopKeep?

The company plans to use the funding raised for aggressively grow its overall customer base in the US, to strengthen its partnerships in the industry and to launch international operations starting with UK.

More about ShopKeep

ShopKeep was founded on October 1, 2008 by David Olk, Jason Richelson and Amy Bennett. It has its headquarters in New York, NY. This platform provides a secure, intuitive, iPad based POS system and helps merchants run their business smarter by optimizing staffing, regulating inventory and accessing sales reports and customer info on a seamless cloud based platform.