Smart Tips On SoundCloud Marketing

Smart Tips On SoundCloud Marketing

When it comes to promoting a music video online, SoundCloud offers a great platform. It carries a bustling music community and hence it would be really resourceful if you share your music there. Your account at SoundCloud would enable you to share tracks, create your sets as well as would allow you to comment & interact with the other SoundCloud users. However, just posting your music on SoundCloud won’t help as the portal features high competition. You have to be really strategic with your marketing here.  The post here offers smart tips on SoundCloud marketing.

The post below jots down some of the best SoundCloud marketing strategies.

Showcase your best

The potential of your promotion depends largely on the quality of your music you post on SoundCloud. Thus, you must come up with a pulling piece, especially if it’s your maiden launch over the popular music sharing platform. First impression always matters and you must not ever release any kind of unfinished track.

Free downloads

Everybody loves freebies and for long this has been used as a very common promotional strategy. You can take to it for your SoundCloud promotion as well. Your followers will really appreciate if you allow them to download one of your best tracks for free- which would in turn result in great community attention. A free download will encourage the fans to repost as well as share it among their buddies as well- leading to a viral marketing effect for your stuff.

Be social

To make sure that your musical stuff on SoundCloud gets effective promotion, you should maintain a good social spirit over the platform as well. Everybody aspires for great attention and would love to receive feedbacks. Thus, you must take this initiative to go through other profiles on SoundCloud. Openly appreciate those videos that you like and complement with interesting comments. Your fellow musicians would really appreciate your initiatives and would be urged to appreciate your works as well. However, be honest and sincere with your compliments, fake flattery won’t take you anywhere.

Buy the SoundCloud plays

Then, you should buy SoundCloud plays as well. Your popularity over SoundCloud is gauged by the number of plays your posts have received. Now, you should need minimum 5,000 plays to ensure an effective promotion. But when you are new to the portal, it is not possible to gather such a huge number of plays within a short time- and given the high competition over SoundCloud you cannot afford to wait for to gather such massive plays spontaneously. The best solution here is to purchase the plays from a leading SoundCloud promotion company.
The SoundCloud promotion companies will provide you with 5k to 100k plays with 2-10 days maximum. The more plays you get, better would be your credibility quotient over SoundCloud. It will further attract more number of plays spontaneously. It’s because people have this general tendency to follow those that are already popular. Thus, buying the plays would further help to ensure a great viral marketing for you over SoundCloud.