Smart Ways to get investors for your mobile application 

mobile development

If you are passionate about a great business idea you definitely should start to act. Unfortunately, to make it a reality could cost money. 

Building a mobile application is an expensive venture, which is why you should seek app investors to fund your project.

But how to develop an app for investors? 

The first place to look is around you. Do you have family and friends who can invest in your mobile application idea? 

Beyond your circle, investors outside who are interested in your concept can get involved through several ways including private startup investors, crowdfunding, and several A/B funding.

Irrespective of the investors you have your eyes on, you need to present your business and product idea in a way that will convince them to invest in your mobile application project.

 Smart steps to get investors for your mobile application 

  1. Solve a problem

The first sign of a product to be taken seriously is that it solves existing problems that users face. Highlight a problem and then show how your product can solve the problem. Your app should solve the problem of many, but if it is channeled towards a few people, they should be influential or have great financial strength.

  1. Research on your idea

It would be fruitless to approach potential investors only to find out that what you want to create already exists in the market. You need discovery research to ensure that there is no existing product similar to yours, or ones that offer the same solutions unless you’re producing something better than what exists.

  1. Locate the right market

Get an understanding of the product’s competitive landscape analysis before implementing app features. Find out what similar applications have to offer and discover other competing products, features, or services to yours.

  1. Have an idea of your market size

While studying your market, you will get an idea of probable market size. Go on to define your market share and target audience. This will help you to have sufficient figures and estimates to present to your potential investors, letting them know the opportunities and expected risks.

  1. Prove that you’re trustworthy

A great project idea needs skilled and experienced hands to properly implement it. You should present a skilled development team before your investors to ensure your project is with the right people. 

Always choose a mobile application development company or team that has carried out projects similar to yours successfully with good results.

There should be certificates and a reputation to prove the expertise of the mobile application development company you work with.

  1. Familiarize with the basics of investment 

Understand what it takes to raise money and run a startup. Getting an understanding of the kinds of investments, the process, and investment stages will make you look trustworthy before your potential investors.

  1. Work out the revenue strategy

Present your potential investors with a clear strategy of revenue generation to encourage them to invest in your mobile app development. Prepare to give answers and clarifications to questions they might have about this strategy. 

Consider revenue generation tactics such as app charges like in-app adverts, freemium subscription, periodic subscription, paid add-ins implementation, and several others.