Social Messengers – How Can These Increase the Revenue of Small Businesses?

A lot of people including young crowd are on social messenger application. This is one of the best ways to share views and communicate with your loved ones. Being a great way to stay in contact, social messengers are useful for both people and businesses.

In the last few years, use of social messenger application has increased at a drastic rate. Kik is one of the most popular chat messengers all across the world. This has improved relationships between people but also significantly benefitted businesses by way of monetary gains.

Ways by which businesses should embrace social media

  • LinkedIn groups for new business

LinkedIn group is an important tool to develop a business image in its respective industry, capture and engage audiences, create new leads and publicize a brand.

  • Organic growth with paid advertisements

Facebook is a brilliant platform to establish brand awareness by using two popular paid content option, ad creation and boosted posts. Where boosted posts widen the reach of the business content, an ad creation enables businesses to make an advertisement.

  • Twitter chats

Twitter chat with the help of its powerful “scheduled hashtag discussion” connects an audience on Twitter. It serves a phenomenal mechanism to place a business in the form of a thought leader.

By joining twitter chats, retweeting relevant interesting tweets and offering valid opinions to capture the attention of followers, small business owners can engage their followers and generate more leads.

  • Social messenger apps

Predicting immense potential of social messenger apps, more and more businesses have started to invest deeply in the growing bot economy. Several publishers and brands have already installed bots on their collaboration and messaging channels.

Chatbots have presented a danger to other communication channels. Many of the small businesses have greatly benefitted by the bot-enabling technology, third-party bots and distribution channels that lead to potential annual savings.

This happens when chatbots replace traditional sales reps and customer service departments in the business. Allowing increasing and engaging human conversations, chatbots allows businesses to influence the affordable and wide-impacting technology to involve more and more consumers.

Reasons behind popularity of Kik application

Kik application is widely spreading chat messenger application that has to its credit sharing of nearly 1.8 billion messages with the app users. There are 111 featured amazing Kik Chatbots that create remarkable user engagement and acts as a lucrative engagement tool for a brand and a business.

  • Bots make users tend to spend more time on app

Bots are a great way to keep users tuned to the Kik application. By spending 32% more time on the app, this messaging application provides a wonderful chance for brands to reach a wide range of users that are present on this platform.

  • Maximum completion rate of surveys

Several brands run their surveys and campaigns on Kik application to learn about customer satisfaction with their brand. Bots have the potential to drive maximum survey completion rates for different brands.

It has been found that Kik users were the ones who have completed the maximum number of surveys as compared to surveys posted on the brand on different social media platforms.

  • Cost effective

Use of kik application for the promotion of their services and products is one of the most cost-effective options for the small businessman. Due to these benefits, along with its easy and affordable setup, more and more number of small business owners is increasingly making their presence on Kik application.

In this way, the social messenger is a great tool that helps small business owners to make a handsome income from their business in a budget friendly, hassle free, and reliable way.