According to the most recent available statistics, LinkedIn is a juggernaut. The platform has more than 500 million users globally, more than half of which are considered “active,” and adoption continues to grow as now-owner Microsoft invests in non-U.S. usership.

Given that LinkedIn is a critical digital hub for professionals and businesses alike, it’s absolutely crucial that your company have a robust onsite presence.

If you’re like many of your competitors, you’ve likely given your LinkedIn presence short shrift in favor of higher-priority projects. The good news is that burnishing your LinkedIn company page and boosting your overall on- and off-page visibility is not as labor-intensive as you might imagine. You can spend an hour polishing your LinkedIn company page this weekend and address most, if not all, of these five important items.

1.Swap Out Your Boring Old Profile & Background Photos

Swapping out your standard-issue profile and background photos for original, compelling media should take no more than five minutes, provided you have better photos on hand. (If not, lodge a request with your media team a few days ahead of time.) Choose images that immediately grab first-time visitors’ attention, keeping them on-page long enough to discover what your firm is all about.

2.Write Out a Detailed Business Description

Next, write out a detailed business description that succinctly but comprehensively describes your company’s functions and history. Don’t neglect company contact information and data like employee counts, as well. The LinkedIn page for trust administration and corporate services firm Asiaciti Trust is a case in point: its crisp company description renders clear its value to prospective clients, vendors, and applicants alike.

3.Encourage Employees to Connect With Your Page

This won’t come together over the weekend, but the first step can. Take a few minutes to dash off a company-wide email advising employees to please update their personal LinkedIn profiles to reflect your firm’s employment. Advise them, as well, to follow your company page. Both actions will boost your company’s listed follower and employee count, boosting its credibility. It’s no accident that household-name firms like Verizon have such well-followed LinkedIn pages.

4.Begin Ideating Original Post Ideas & Set a Realistic Publishing Schedule

Unless you’re inordinately well-organized, a substantive, lengthy LinkedIn post is likely to take more than an hour to write. Use your time this weekend to ideate original ideas and set out a publishing schedule. Then, delegate the actual production of your planned content to trusted subordinates, perhaps on your marketing team.

5.Add a LinkedIn “Follow” Button to Your Corporate Website

If your corporate website lacks a LinkedIn “follow” button, add the requisite HTML snippet or plug-in. Simply making it clear to website visitors that you have a LinkedIn page worth visiting could substantially improve traffic to and engagement with your profile.

Be Proud of Your LinkedIn Presence

The groundwork you’ve laid this weekend will pay off in spades down the road. Ultimately, your aim is to produce a LinkedIn presence of which you can be proud — and in whose ability to generate new leads and meaningful engagement you can have lasting confidence.