Spice Up Your Presentation with YouTube Slides

youtube slides

Anyone who has ever sat through a presentation with a novice presenter understands the struggle. As visual learners the last thing that anyone wants to deal with is a person who just reads the slides on a PowerPoint presentation word for word. How can anyone be expected to stay awake, let alone learn something important when it comes to boring PowerPoint presentations? If you are going to try and actually convey a message, your next appearance should have pop and pizazz in order to capture the attention of your onlookers.

Make Your Presentation Pop

Even Forbes speaks to the fact that while many people may be different types of visual learners, and prefer their own unique method of understanding, the basic strategy of presenting is simple. You cannot let individuals drift as you try to give them important information. People want to be involved and they want to be engaged as well. It isn’t just about presenting as much information and stuffing as many facts as possible, but rather going with the mindset that less is more.

At your next presentation give them exactly what they want and find a way to simply keep them involved. The best strategy is to have them be entertained, not be able to expect what is next, and think it is more about enjoyment than it is about learning something new. If you can simply master the ability to entertain your audience while giving them the information in bits, you can truly leave them wanting more.

Don’t Bore People to Death

One of the most important things to remember is that you might not be speaking about the most exciting topic. Chances are you are going to have audience members that love you, hang on your every word, and probably want to listen to as much as possible about the current topic. For the rest of the crowd (which is usually a higher percentage than we care to admit), you need to find a way to get them hooked. As People-Results states, one of the most important rules is remembering how to capture and then recapture the attention of your audience with hooks.

You need to be able to trigger emotions, be relevant, and then also be strategic in where and when you place those hooks. If your entire process is about capturing your audience with a wide array of emotions, news, and facts, the best way to do that is have relevant references to draw from that are distinguishable from one another. Instead of making every point just another piece of text on a slide, you can use the software provided by companies like LiveSlides and embed YouTube video in PowerPoint to bring variety to your presentation.

Speak Your Audience’s Language

Any presenter, speaker, teacher, or person in a position of giving instruction needs to know one simple rule. You can’t expect to get through to people if you don’t speak their language. There are more than enough difficulties and stresses that come with teaching others anything. Chances are that if you are trying to convey something extremely important, the last thing you want to do is be worried about if they are even understanding the terminology coming out of your mouth, and not just if they get the broad point and message. If you pay attention to the advice given by LifeHack, you already understand exactly what is important. By being able to speak the language of your audience, you bring instant credibility and they will understand you better in the process.

Some speakers may not like the idea of trying to change their terminology just for the sake of their audience. However, do you really think that you can talk about any other subject without putting it in terms the other person can understand? Can you imagine if doctors told you important information in medical terms, or if lawyers explained everything using technical and legal jargon? If you want to relay a message to someone, especially one that is important, you must be willing to meet halfway and communicate in terms that they can understand.

Regardless of what the intended message is or who it is for, your presentations have to give something to the audience. If you are just going to regurgitate words to people, then you might as well send them an email. Mastering a presentation is all about captivating your audience, and if you can just figure out the best tips for getting your audience to hang on your every word instead of falling asleep as a result of listening to you, you already have a much better chance of being successful.