Startcelerate is a London based startup that facilitates the investment of seed resources

What does Startcelerate company Do? is a London-based startup that facilitates the investment of seed resources from established companies in startups in exchange for equity.
The startup has an offline, local event named Startcelerate Pitch & Match – a three, two or one day event that brings together a selected number of startups, a curated panel of companies as investors, high-profile speakers and a handful of special guests.

Why do we need Startcelerate?

On the early stages of developing a startup, when the struggle is to find a problem worth working on, gathering a strong team around the idea and then getting a market validation for a solution, very few founders actually need a money investment. In those days, a startup needs knowledge, needs advice, needs specific resources and solutions, needs connections, needs intros to clients and partners, and needs a strong team.

We strongly believe that there is a great opportunity to create a better world if different kind of resources that are trapped inside established companies would be readily available for smart and creative entrepreneurs as direct investments based on a partnership framework.

Who is Startcelerate for?

We fight to bring together established startups in need of further development either to create technology demos or scale their business with software development companies, marketing and design agencies in Europe that have a commitment to manage resource-based investments.

What makes Startcelerate stand out from Others?

Specific to Startcelerate’s investment process is a bespoke convertible security that simplifies the negotiation, prevents premature valuation, and covers specific risks.

Startcelerate allows early stage startups and founding teams to find suitable resource partners, pitch them their projects and then facilitate the entire matching process between the investment partners. We do all these rather quickly and in a highly cost-effective way for both parties.

What’s Next? 

For Startcelerate the next steps are organizing the London Pitch & Match event (Level39 in 31st October 2014, launching the online platform (Q2 2015), and preparing the next 6 Pitch & Match events for next year (London, Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris).Startcelerate team grew from 2 founders in May 2014, to 8 team members located in Bucharest, Cluj and London and 3 advisors from UK, Belgium and Germany. All software development needs are covered by a partnership with a Romanian development company.