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In the recent times India has emerged as a hub for the development of new technologies and apps of extremely high quality. In fact several Indian startups have been in the news for creating products and services that are both easy to use and highly practical. If you are looking for some of the best India startups, then Jcount is definitely the right place for you. We are the proud publishers of a wide range of high quality and customer centric startups from India. The tough competition in the startup market plus the need to reach out to global audiences has led entrepreneurs to choose us for submitting their startups.

Variety Of Startups

We welcome all types of innovations and startups which is we are the preferred choice of countless owners of startups in India. The startups published on our website are not only related to the field of information and technology, but also other niches such as, travel, branding and naming etc. Since our clients use the website to reach out to a global audience, you are sure to obtain all the necessary information about the features and method of use of the product or the app along with a brief history and future scope of the same.

Remain Updated With The Help Of Our Startup Blog

What makes us truly stand apart from our competitors is the fact that we make constant efforts to provide the best benefits and latest information to the end users. That is why we encourage our clients to submit a blog which details the finer aspects of their startup so that you as a customer can overcome any doubts or misconceptions that you might have about the startup. The Indian startup blog also helps you to remain updated about the latest developments and innovations that might enhance the scope and usability of the startup and make it more beneficial for you. However, Jcount does not provide any guarantee about the authenticity of the information provided in the blogs as they are submitted directly by the startup owners and are intended for informational purposes only. At the same time, they provide a great means of remaining updated about what is happing with the startup of your interest.

Learn About Other Similar Startups

Another major advantage offered by our website is that you are easily able to gain information about similar or even related startups from not only India but other parts of the globe. This provides you with a wider choice of products and you can even opt for more than one innovative idea. Since all the information is readily available to you on this website, comparing and contrasting the features, ease of use and practicality of the startups becomes much easier and even fun filled.

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Jcount has earned a name for being one of the best sites to seek the most useable and high quality startups from across the globe. Come and join the fun by visiting our website or contacting us with your startup query, now!