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US Startups In addition to being one of the most powerful nations on Earth, USA is also known for nurturing the innovation and creativity of people from across the globe. That is perhaps why it also tops the list of nations that have the greatest number of startups in various phases of development. We at Jcount, help the various startups in USA to reach out to the people for whom they create the products in an easy and hassle free manner. Our website is open to every US based entrepreneur seeking a global platform through which they can spread the knowledge about their venture to a global crowd. The Startups We Feature We have earned a name for being the most flexible website as we enable clients from diverse niches to publish information about their ventures on our site. We do not limit ourselves to listing United States startups from only specific industries or fields. As such you can find startups from diverse niches including tech, mobile, naming and even branding. Being an extremely well organized website, we classify these startups under various categories to ensure that you enjoy an effortless searching and browsing experience with us. US Startup Blog For Latest Updates We make sure that you are provided with the complete details about the startups of your choice through our US startups blog. The blog provides complete details about the venture and its products, including the history of its origin, the benefits offered by the products, who can use them and how to use them as well as the future plans for the venture by its owners. The blog also provides any latest news and updates about the venture to help you make an informed decision in case you plan to invest in the same. Many times, the startup owners also provide the details of the intended changes or upcoming modification to enhance the products. This can help you to prepare for the consequent changes well in advance and avoid any complications. The Advantage of A Wider Choice We at Jcount provide you with reliable information about a wide collection of the latest and the most useful startups from US. This ensures that you get to choose from a greater number of similar products albeit with different features. Moreover, you also get a chance to compare the various aspects of similar startups and choose the one that seems most beneficial with highest scope for growth. This is especially helpful if you plan to invest in a startup and intend to make profits in the future. A wider choice also ensures that you are not stuck with a single startup that may or may not cover all your needs. Get The Jcount Advantage If you are seeking a website that provides you with unbiased and reliable information about the different types of startups from USA, then Jcount is definitely your best choice. We are renowned for providing comprehensive listing of startups along with complete details of the products they offer for a easy and hassle free living.


What does Chipnship Do? Chip’n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping conceptualized in July 2014 by Faisal and Monna Raja of Altlimit. It uses Amazon as its online retailer and Google Cloud Platform for hosting the application. Chip’n Ship is currently in beta test version at The platform targets the average online users …


What does SignSchool Do? is an online platform for learning American Sign Language. Using a suite of innovative interactive exercises developed in collaboration with renowned American Sign Language instructors and Deaf community members, SignSchool aims to allow anyone with an internet connection to learn American Sign Language and communicate more effectively with the Deaf community. …


What does Researchjournali do? is a publishing house from India and publishes research journals in various academic disciplines. It provides excellent publishing service with highest professional standards to authors and makes publication possible in less time with low cost compare to other journals. It adopts a modern approach in academic publication which is crowded …


Get your idea out in the world with unique names If your entrepreneurial mind has come up with a new business idea or a new product or a service you want to offer, then you need to create a brand name for the business, product, or service. Developing a name on your own is a …