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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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What does Vidooly Do? is the one and only YouTube Video advertising group in India. Vidooly offers a platform for media as well as marketing agencies, brands, movie studios and internet vendors to endorse their social networks, videos on blogs, mobile apps as well as social games. Why do we need Vidooly? Everyone wants …

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What does FoodPanda Do? is a small group of designers, problem solvers, thinkers who work constantly to make their company the most potent online tool for delivering food around the globe. They believe that ordering foodstuff should be simple, fast and certainly fun! Why do we need FoodPanda? Do you stay in the office …

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Codecademy Webpage screenshot

What does Codecademy do? is an online education platform that provides free coding classes in 6 different programming languages such as Python, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby. It also offers classes for some of the markup languages which include HTML and CSS. Why do we need Codecademy? Codecademy helps individuals develop their technical skills without paying any money. It is a unique platform for students …

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What does Appdator company Do? is a service helping small business owners to foster their marketing activities by building their business’s app and providing added value through features such as appointment scheduling and loyalty punch cards. Appdator solves the app submission barrier using a unique technique. Periodically, Appdator also suggests the next best campaign. In …

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What does CoFoundersDating do? CoFoundersDating is a native iOS mobile application that allows entrepreneurs to connect with their prospective co founders within or outside their vicinity. It allows entrepreneurs to look though a nearby screen tab which shows users nearby that are currently login in the mobile application. User may look at other user profile …