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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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team leader

Being a great team leader isn’t easy. The role of leadership is a compliment and a burden as well. With the pressure you get from top to bottom, it’s hard to know where and how to begin. “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s …

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make money

Unbelievably, there are genuine and scam free ways to profit online. Everything you need is a Smartphone and some available time. Without a doubt these smart phone apps are a great money making side hustle. These applications may not fill your bank balance, but rather they may help you fill your necessary needs. We found 10 …

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A great motivational book can be encouraging. It helps you see that different entrepreneurs have experienced the same issues and overcame them. The right book can likewise inspire and allow you to handle the critical issues you know you have to handle, however so far haven’t had the will to do. A great business book …

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successful-woman entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is great for many reasons. Now days many individuals are starting their own business, particularly women. Managing a business, no matter how huge or small it is, is no easy process. It’s a well known fact that female business entrepreneurs confront some challenges and difficulties (compared to male entrepreneurs) when launching and …

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Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed Great quotes give us inspiration and motivation. Make use of these inspiring quotes to guide your life, work decisions. Here are 100 of the best motivational quotes to inspire you to succeed: 1.    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. –Arthur Ashe 2.    “There …

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Why are workplace etiquettes essential? Office etiquette is a prerequisite to think of, as having great behavior will enhance the relationship with your colleagues and boss. The standards for etiquettes may vary over industry to industry-you need to act accordingly. Bad behavior at work can be awful for business by perversely affecting employee assurance and …

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video advertising

For every company (small or large), video advertisement is one of the best ways to publicize their presence to the wider and targeted audience. In close to two or three minutes, a keenly executed video can clarify what your business does. Every entrepreneur would most likely need to enhance his/her advertising campaign. Many advertisers believe …

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stratup founder ideas

Planning to start a company? Are you worried about things that may go wrong? if so, read this article – it would be much useful to you as a founder of any tech startup company. As a tech startup originator you will certainly face problems with your services, products, team, finance, and sales while driving …

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Books are the excellent source of motivation, a refinement of years of intelligence, a real friend, a motivator for the creative ability, furthermore a perfect guide for activity. Reading books is an essential propensity for inventors and trend-setters, and a standout amongst the most imperative blessings – parents and instructors can provide for the young …

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Are you planning to start your own home based business? If your answer is yes, make sure to have a clear point of- what kind of business best suites your background? What kind of skills you have? What sort of fields are you interested in? What sort of business best suites to your investment? Running …

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