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Top 10 inspiring movies every entrepreneur must watch

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100 Inspirational quotes that motivates you to succeed

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5 inspiring biographies of business leaders every entrepreneur must know

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Are you a lead of your team?  You have every right to guide to motivate or inspire them to achieve success. Remaining back and concentrating on your personal works doesn’t help your team grow. Here are the tips to motivate your team to be successful, Get to know what they need First listen to your …

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The great news is that you may get a big project, but the bad news is you might have committed certain time to deliver the project. You may unable to finish it off on time, which in turn causes certain destructions to your business, having losing the repeated customers and customer dissatisfaction. The main problem …

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook at Harvard in 2004, his only vision was to connect the individuals and become more acquainted with each other at Harvard. From that point it has extended to different universities and today it has been connected with more than a billion individuals across the world. What he didn’t expect was …

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Human Resources

Yes, HR policies will definitely improve the productivity of an organization. What are HR policies and practices? HR policies and practices are the formal rules and regulations that organizations put set up to contract, train, and also reward the individuals working in their business place. These rules when put into existence and followed in a …

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productivity tips

Well, what is a startup company? Startups are newly created companies which are in the phase of development. The principle of new businesses has more to do with innovativeness, scalability and development. They need to adjust their internal activities like management style to get attracted to other startup businesses. Startups main aim is “Growth”… it …

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employee selection

Employees are the key roles for any business to be successful and also failure. Hiring the good employees is a very big task. Selecting a wrong employee is very expensive, loss to your workplace, and also excessive time consuming. Instead hiring a good employee could result in many advantages for your business, it can pay …

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Now days, we can see the great rise of usage of smart phones for example iPhone , iPads and different screens with diverse sizes, perspective proportions and resolutions, we have lost control of our visual fringes.  Responsive websites are the sites that can adjust to any kind of screen resolution and dependably look great. It’s …

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Freelance blogging is an extraordinary approach to earn money, as now days there is lot of demand for the guest posts for the blogs. Unfortunately this is not an easy task! Here the main problem is to get the high paid freelance blog entry jobs. It would take lot of effort and patience particularly for …

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One of the important decisions to be made while starting a business is the structure. The decision has to be made based on what legal structure you are using for starting your business. Since it is such a critical choice, you ought to get a qualified autonomous business, budgetary or lawful guide. The structure you …

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Nowadays designing as a freelancer is very difficult. There are many freelancers waiting to make money through designing. So guys!!! How can the designer’s raise money with this tough competition? The major part of the internet is based on designing. Designers can make logos, designing the websites, magazine covers and so forth keeping in mind …

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