Superflex raises $9.6M in Series A


What does Superflex do?

Superflex, is a powdered clothing company spun out of SRI International. The company produces and develops custom garments with flexible electric motors built in which helps the person wearing it with everyday tasks. Its technology was developed at SRI for a DARPA funded program for reducing injury risk and enhancing soldier endurance while carrying huge loads. Realizing its profound application beyond the military, the company spun out of SRI for exploring the technology for a huge range of customer products. While the potential applications of powdered clothing are wide, from recreation and sports to healthcare and apparel. The company is mainly focusing on the aging market because of its need and size. This is reinforced by the fact that over 1/3rd of seniors have a limit in mobility and most technology purchases are made by those above 45.

How much Superflex was funded?

The company raised $9.6M in Series A on December 20, 2016 from SRI International,  Root Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, Global Brain Corporation and Horizons Ventures.

What is next for Superflex?

Wendy Yu of Horizons and Zak Murase of Global Brain will join the board of directors. The company has hired a team of leaders in industrial design, textiles, robotics, data science and biomechanics to develop the new category of Powered Clothing: lightweight, comfortably worn and connected apparel, under any outfit, with integrated electric ‘muscles’ that add to the natural mobility and clever wearable strength to joints and muscles, enabling everybody — from athletes to seniors to people with a wide range of physical disabilities for achieving their full physical potential. The company will reveal its initial product concept in coming months, which will be a powdered suit made for those having difficulties with mobility in later life, or challenging work environments, for providing wellness support at the core for a wearer’s hips, torso and legs.
More about Superflex

Superflex was founded in April, 2016 by Rich Mahoney. It has its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.