It’s hard to overstate the importance of supply chain management. When companies face falling or stagnant revenues, it becomes the supply chain’s job to keep the company profitable by cutting costs and finding new efficiencies. Mobile computers with resistive touch screens have made huge inroads improving efficiency in warehousing and transportation. Inventory tracking is faster and updated more frequently while inventory counts are more accurate. All that data is instantly accessible thanks to wireless connections.

Touch screens durable enough to withstand industrial use have made this level of efficiency possible, but replacement costs can still be a concern for certain sectors or in certain geographies, especially where climate or workplace conditions aren’t suited for touch screens. More efficient technology solutions and more durable technology can reduce the costs of your company’s supply chain.

Resistive Touch Screen Mobile Computers

Industrial PDAs improve efficiency – they’re used as barcode scanners, inventory trackers, communications, task management, and more. With wireless connections, they provide supply chain managers with up-to-the-minute data about the location of components and products. They streamline shipping and handling and they are a must-have technology for both retail and manufacturing supply chains. Real-time inventory data gives supply chain managers the power to reduce storage costs and bottlenecks. Just-in-time manufacturing and lean manufacturing strategies depend on smart, integrated supply chains, and touch screen mobile computers give manufacturers unprecedented access to inventory data

Reduce Touch Screen Damage

Warehouse and factory environments can be unfriendly places for technology like touch screens, which is why resistive touch screen technology remains standard in supply chain management. Warehouse workers, drivers, packers, couriers, and anyone involved in supply chain management knows that they’re expected to work quickly. They can’t afford to waste time being delicate with technology, but that can mean high replacement costs for firms that are constantly dealing with cracked screens or mobile computers that breakdown in the cold. That’s why resistive touch screens for industrial use need to be contaminant-proof, waterproof, and resistant to cracking and spalling. The ULTRA resistive touch screen is one of the toughest resistive touch screen technologies available, and it’s manufactured by the touch screen company A D Metro.

Resistive Touch Screens in Cold, Outdoor Conditions

Grocery supply chain workers may understand better than anyone the problems the cold can have on touch screen technology. If you’ve ever used your smartphone on a freezing day in winter, you know that cold can cause touch screens to have delayed reactions, text and color ghosting, and even become more likely to shatter. One of the features of A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screen that improves upon regular resistive touch screen technology is its expanded operating temperature range, enabling its use in outdoor kiosks, industrial PDAs in refrigerated environments or winter outdoor use, as well as aerospace applications. In extreme environments, mobile computer manufacturers must use the equipment that can live up to the task. Touch screen manufacturers have solutions to common problems faced in supply chain management – find out how better touch screen technology can help your company.