Synthego Raises $41M in Series B

What does Synthego do?

Synthego, is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. The company is known for its automation and precision, enabling cost effective and rapid with consistent results for every scientist. Their flagship product, CRISPRevolution, is a synthetic RNA portfolio designed for the genome CRISPR research and editing. The company’s vision is bringing automation and precision to genome engineering, allowing cost-effective and rapid research with consistent results for every scientist. Their customers include leading institutions in more than thirty countries globally and 9/10 biology universities globally. They envision the biological lab as a construct of composable, discrete modules, similar to a computer. The company is building the infrastructure- hardware, software and scientific protocol- for making this a reality. Their goal is simply, to significantly lowering the barrier for entry in life sciences research by putting together the groundwork for a software driven, decentralized, hugely parallel world of research.

How much Synthego was funded?

The company raised $41M in Series B on January 4, 2017 from ZhenFund, Alexandria VentureAME Cloud VenturesWI Harper GroupHVFOS FundFounders FundJerry YangMenlo VenturesJennifer A. Doudna and 8VC.

Previous funding

$250k on August 14, 2012

$8.29M in Series A on July 5, 2013 from Menlo VenturesWI Harper Group and Founders Fund.

What is next for Synthego?

The company plans on using the latest funding raised for their expansion internationally, for the growth of commercial operations and for introducing new products.

More about Synthego

Synthego was founded on July 1, 2012 by Paul Dabrowski and Michael Dabrowski. It has its headquarters in Redwood City, California. Their dream is big, they not just want to bring biology into this digital age, they intend on creating a revolution in science. The company is bringing the future where a single scientist can run their own fully automated laboratory at very low cost.