Are your employees bored at work? Is productivity at an all-time low?

You might need to set some time aside for group activities and quality team building. These social activities are part of the essential strategies to improve team performance. Games can help your team bond with one another, relieve them from work-related stress, and get to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re not sure which activities strengthen your team’s bond and which ones are a waste of time, here’s a thorough 101 on the best team outing ideas you can try for the next team building session:

Escape Rooms

One of the most engaging office activities your team can try out is an escape room. These are rooms where the main goal is for the team to work together and find a way out. The best thing is that there are multiple kinds of escape rooms.

You can try a zombie escape room, for example.

This is where a few people play the role of a zombie and they start at one end of the room. Each round, the zombies will advance forward. The rest of the team, on the other hand, have to solve a puzzle in order to get the key and move on to the next room before the zombie reaches them.

Other escape rooms focus on trivia centered around the workplace. Others focus on questions about each member of the team, guaranteeing the players all get to learn more about the people they work with.

You can design an escape room where each player has a different clue. The team can only escape when they all piece their clues together, further focusing on the team-building aspect of the activity.

Dungeons and Dragons

Tabletop games are getting more popular with shows like Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory showcasing how they’re not what people think they are. Dungeons & Dragons isn’t some sort of demonic game nerds play in the basement. With shows like Critical Role, people now discover how many celebrities like Vin Diesel, Deborah Ann Woll, and Joe Manganiello enjoy roleplaying.

But what is Dungeons & Dragons and how does it help?

The best way to picture it is to imagine you and the employees around a table playing improv theater, with the Dungeon Master (DM) playing the narrator. Everyone has their own character and their decisions help shape the story. The only hint of randomness lies with the use of polyhedral dice.

It’s a little bit surprising to see how beneficial tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Fantasy AGE can be. Therapists use tabletop games to help children open up, prisoners play the game to help cope with the changes in their lives, and it helps introverts and socially awkward people get out to bond with others.

This can do wonders for the office. It’ll help your employees band together for a common cause and see a story through. They’re cooperating instead of competing against each other and they have to think on the spot, values they’ll need at work.

Outdoor Camping

Camping is one of the most iconic company outing ideas.

Like tabletop games, outdoor camping requires people to work together. This time, however, they’re not roleplaying characters to save a fictional world – they have to cooperate in order to enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the distractions of the workplace.

Camping requires office mates to plan ahead and assign specific tasks. Someone will have to help set up the tents, someone else has to take charge of preparing and cooking food, while someone else deals with building a fire. It simulates the need to coordinate in the office but now in a setting that’s more relaxing and fun.

You can also use the outdoors to engage in games you normally can’t do back in the city, like an immersive scavenger hunt or ghost stories around a campfire. Of course, you’ll need the right camping equipment, like the ones available at Campsmart, to make sure you conduct all these activities in a fun and safe way.

Volunteer Work

Did you know that volunteering helps you develop new skills, stay healthy, and appreciate the good things in life?

Volunteering can sound like extra work but the truth is it can be both fun and endearing to those who join. It will open the eyes of your employees and help them realize how fortunate they are, having a stable job that puts food on the table.

However, volunteering is more than an eye-opener. It’s one of the few group activities that doesn’t focus on personal gain. Volunteering counts as one of the best corporate outings that lets your employees cooperate and coordinate through different tasks to achieve a common goal: helping others.

Not sure what kind of volunteer work would benefit your team the most? Are you looking for volunteer work that enables the team to highlight each person’s skills and talents?

You can try raising funds for charity, join in a Habitat for Humanity project, or sell Yuda Bands bracelets to help finance a child’s education. Your team can focus on cleaning the environment, helping out in a soup kitchen, or providing vaccines and medications for homeless animals.

Mystery Dinner

An exciting activity to get your employees together is a mystery dinner. It takes the concepts of a tabletop game and an escape room and merges them together.

It starts by splitting your employees into small groups that sit together around a table. Together, each table has to piece together several clues to solve a murder. Several people, whether waiters or others, will take the role of roaming characters in the narrative, like a detective or several suspects.

Each table gets to talk to the characters, listen to their alibis, and leave the dining table to check the room for clues. At the end of the night, when everyone finished eating and playing the game, each table has to guess who the culprit was.

This type of game is not only fun but it helps the team members communicate with each other. If they don’t talk much at work, this game will encourage them to coordinate and figure things out as a team.

Improve Your Business Today

With the aforementioned group activities, your team can spend time away from the office and get to bond with each other. This not only boosts productivity when they get to work but it also helps them understand each other’s capabilities. Team building games help each member figure out their respective roles in the group.

Don’t stop there. Discover more tips and tricks to improve your business. Feel free to visit us today and read our other guides, like this one that shows how to promote your business.