If you want to hit the ground running and start taking care of the business of business as soon as you land at your destination, you’ll need to check into the right hotel. Seek lodging that provides superior services and facilities, and you’ll find it a lot easier to stay focused and be productive.

Hotel must-haves to keep your business buzzing

Do you spend a significant portion of your work life on the road? Opt for hotels that support your business venture while providing wonderful ways to relax after hours. Don’t even think about checking into a hotel that doesn’t offer first class WiFi service. Staying in touch is a business imperative.

Don’t waste time wrestling with the intermittent internet. Before you book your room, make sure the hotel provides online access in every corner of the property, and that includes the pool area, advise travel gurus at American Express. If free WiFi is offered, grab it. Otherwise, go ahead and pay a reasonable fee for internet service.

It’s the little things

A great business hotel offers small amenities that can make a big difference, especially when you’re trying to meet a deadline. Look for lodging that offers more than the usual number of electrical outlets. You don’t want to have to move the bed to plug in your business laptop or step into the bathroom to charge your smartphone. If you travel outside the country, be sure to bring your own adaptor. Not all hotels remember this detail.

Free local calls are a perk offered by the best business hotels. So is morning newspaper delivery and a great in-room coffee maker. A concierge who knows their way around town is another bonus when travelling to a new town on business. Establish a friendly email relationship with an expert concierge, and your next biz trip is bound to be a whole lot more interesting.

Early check-in is one more thing to look for when shopping for a great business hotel. There’s no point in waiting around to obtain your room key when many hotels offer convenient check-in service, says IT Pro magazine.

Stay on top of your fitness game

Just because you’re on the road for business is no excuse to get flabby. Find a hotel that offers on-site fitness facilities. Better yet, book your reservations at a property that provides 24-hour access to exercise equipment, an indoor pool, and a hot tub in which to unwind. Stock your room’s mini-fridge with healthful snacks and drinks, and turn to it for refreshment in lieu of hitting up the mini-bar. Your waistline will thank you when you get home from your business trip.

Stay at the Marriott Washington Dulles or comparable airport hotel, and you can jump into your day in style. Begin with a bountiful breakfast, and plan your day with the help of handy Android or iOS travel apps. Streamline your day, and even mundane business tasks can be accomplished with time to spare.