The Best Android Apps for Couriers

The following are the best androids apps for couriers.

  1. Courier Exchange Mobile App- This mobile apps helps both the courier companies and courier drivers buy and sell jobs by allowing real time live updates of the location of the driver and availability with the courier exchange membership. This app works best for courier and express delivery companies who can quickly locate and determine the availability of the drivers who use the Courier mobile app. If you use a GPS enable Android phone, you can let the courier exchange system know your location and where you are going.
  2. Google Maps- Google maps app is a great app which presents full mapping. You will be left wondering with the facts presented by this app about different destinations and spots when you use this app on your Android phone. The best part of the app is it is open up supply and anybody can add stuff to the app below Google’s personnel monitoring. Many of the prime features of this app are 3D maps, Navigations, places with hotspots, layers, street watch, instructions, latitude, traffic, offline dependability etc. The most effective thing about this app is the GPS Navigation with voice assistance.
  3. GvSIG Mini Maps- This is another map based Android app for anybody who takes on owner driver courier work. This is a very comprehensive app which will provide you data based on Google, Bing and others. This app has killer accuracy. The app has a lot of features like multi touch support, fast and smooth viewing, app download from the phone for offline browsing, Android search etc.
  4. RAC Traffic- This wonderful app does one simple thing that is it estimates your actual location based on your mobile phone’s signal. This app also provides you the current traffic conditions in your location. This app also provides you route planner and traffic news at your finger tips. The key features of this app include traffic news, delays and road works for the whole of the UK. You can view the map, zoom in and zoom out to see the traffic on the major and minor routes in UK. You can plan your route, just add your starting point and destination and view a map of your journey and the directions tab. Plan your journey through the shortest and quickest route.


  1. Entreprise- This Android app is developed by Mobile Innovations is now designed for Samsung Galaxy Note, its capabilities are really worth mentioning as they directly benefit those who take on regular courier work. This app works in conjunction with Google Maps and transforms the Samsung Galaxy Note into an all in one device for barcode scanning, signature capture and verification of the package condition, which has to be accomplished by separate devices. Apart from the fact that you need to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note, there is ease of use and sense of sophistication which the app brings on board.



These are some of the best courier apps for android which you must download on your mobile device if you are a courier delivery boy or own a courier company.