Search Engine Optimization and web hosting are closely liked than most webmasters know. SEO plays a very important role when it comes to building traffic for a website. Many website owners who have been using SEO for some time now can agree that since then their websites’ performance has kept improving and that traffic is also increasing swiftly.

This also happens when it comes to web hosting as long as the website owner finds the right web hosting provider. However, for you to get the best web hosting services, you must find a reliable and SEO friendly service provider because hiring an incompetent one can negatively affect your page rankings.

So, here are 5 things to consider when selecting your Web Host and SEO expert. Keep reading…

  • Speed – your pages’ loading speed is one of the areas of concern when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and web hosting. As a matter of fact, search engines are recently not pleased with sites that are slow to load and so are the internet users.

Therefore, for more and more web visitors to come to your site, you must ensure that you choose a fast web hosting provider who will boost your page loading speed. If you don’t know where to look for you to find really good web hosting providers, you can start with reading different reviews from other users.

  • Web Downtimes – the downtimefrequency of your website is also very significant when choosing your web hosting provider in Singapore. This is essentially when your website is difficult to access due to problems with the server. The biggest issue with downtimes is that for every 24 hours, search engine spiders try to find your site several times and if thesite is not found, it is marked as inaccessible.

Therefore, when choosing your web hosting company, it is advisable that you go for companies that promise high uptime but also have a reputation of delivering some pretty accurate figures.

  • Personal server – for successful web hosting, you should have your own personal server or at least one that is shared by a single user. If truth be told, a cheap web hosting company may be tempted to tie your site to a server shared by multiple users. Sadly, this does not work well for websites that want to increase their site traffic. Therefore, for performance, more clicks and increased traffic, get your own server.
  • Experience – web hosting providers and SEO experts should have experience in the field. The more experienced your service providers are, the higher the chances of getting more clicks, more traffic and above all top ranking on search engines.
  • Passion – SEO experts and web hosting providers who love to get things done efficiently and professionally are the ideal consultants that companies should lean on. Therefore, for improved website performance and a successful online career, you need to hire professionals who are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also passionate about what they do.