Tips to hire a good employee and get rid of wrong older employee

employee selection

Employees are the key roles for any business to be successful and also failure. Hiring the good employees is a very big task. Selecting a wrong employee is very expensive, loss to your workplace, and also excessive time consuming. Instead hiring a good employee could result in many advantages for your business, it can pay back your employee efficiency, a good business relationship and also a positive effect on your work environment.

hire good employee

Contracting the right good employee improves your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high worker resolve, positive planning, and fulfilling testing objectives. This is not a far reaching manual for hiring the individuals, but rather these are the key objectives when you enlist an employee.

  1. Job Analysis to be done before hiring an employee

Job analysis is the procedure used to gather data about the obligations, important information, results, and workplace of a specific occupation. You require however much information as could be expected to assemble a set of working responsibilities, which is the regular result of the analysis.

job analysis

The Job analysis may incorporate these exercises:

  • Make a research on the job analysis of the current workers.
  • Doing Internet research and review test sets of expectations online or logged off highlighting comparable employments,
  • investigating the work obligations, undertakings, and obligations that should be refined by the employee filling the position,
  • looking into and offering to different organizations that have comparative employments, and
  • Explanation of the most critical results or commitments required from the particular job position.

2.Utilize a Checklist for Hiring an Employee

This agenda for contracting a worker will help you systematize your procedure for hiring a good employee. Whether it’s your first employee or one of numerous workers you are contracting, this agenda for procuring a worker helps you stay informed concerning your selecting endeavors.


This procedure for contracting an employee keeps your selecting endeavors on track and conveys advancement to intrigued employees and the employing chief.

3.Check out the Credentials and Applications Carefully before Hiring

The work of looking into resumes, presentation documents, work applications, and occupation application letters begins with an elegantly composed set of working responsibilities. Your bulleted rundown of the most wanted attributes of the most qualified hopeful was created as a major aspect of the enrolling arranging procedure.

employee qualities

Screen all candidates against this rundown of capabilities, abilities, experience, and qualities. You’ll be investing your energy with your most qualified competitors while selecting a good employee. Also, that is a decent utilization of your time

4.Pre-screen Your Candidates

The most essential motivation to prescreen the candidates when contracting an employee is to spare the talking and determination board of trustees time. While a hopeful may look great on paper, a prescreening meeting will let you know whether their capabilities are genuinely a fit with your occupation.

pre screening

Also, in a prescreening meeting, you can figure out if their pay desires suite with your employment. A gifted phone questioner will likewise acquire prove about whether the applicant may fit inside of your way of your work life or not

5.Ask the Right Job Interview Questions

The interview is a great way that calculates enlisting an individual or not. The Job interview is a key way manager’s use in enlisting. The prospective employee meet-up inquiries asked are basic in amplifying the force of the interview to help you in contracting the right employee for your job.

job interview questions

Inquiries addresses that help you isolate attractive individuals from normal competitors are principal when enlisting an employee.

Below are the qualities needed to have for every good employee,

  1. Competent: The most important objective to be considered before hiring an employee is to ensure weather he is a competent or not. He should have the skills needed for the particular job role.
  2. Capable: He should be capable of handling to the risky situations. And complete the given tasks on time. He should be capable of leading as a team leader in the absence of any other employee.
  3. Compatible: Employees should feel comfortable with all the other employees and also even with the clients.
  4. Commitment: Individuals should work for the long term which makes the company save from getting into loss.
  5. Character: Employee should be trust worthy, shouldn’t tell lies and should keep the promises.
  6. Culture: Every company has a different culture with policies, procedures and many. Every employee should learn how to work accordingly.
  7. Compensation: Make it sure whether the person agrees to the compensation package given by you or else he may feel uncomfortable and therefore he cannot perform well.

These 7 qualities will ensure weather you hired a good employee or not.

The possible ways to get rid of wrong older employees,

1.Job elimination:

Work disposal. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons used to eliminate employees is “job elimination.” However, that may simply be a reason for what is truly age separation. If the organization is not by any means disposing of the occupation, simply changing the title and putting somebody more well is your previous position, you may have an age separation claim.

job elimination

2.Layoff notice:

The company should append to a Layoff notice see a rundown of different employees included and prohibited from the Layoff notice, alongside their ages. Businesses can be tricky about the way they set up together these reports. Some will indicate just select divisions or particular occupation titles, which don’t give the entire picture. All the more regularly, they’ll incorporate a couple of under-40 individuals to make the look less like age separation.


3.Early retirement:

The easiest way to put your employees go away from your company is to take the early retirement. Some of these bundles are too great to leave behind on, so if you are offered one, think of it as precisely. If you turn it down, recall that you can in any case be let go voluntarily. Be that as it may, if the organization fires the more good people, you may definitely have an age separation claim. Suppose that the early retirement is automatic, for example, when the main option offered is being terminated then it most likely abuses age separation laws.


4.Mandatory retirement age:

If you have an obligation of compulsory retirement age, it is definitely against the law. There are exemptions for fire fighters and law authorization. There is likewise an exceptionally restricted exclusion for workers who are no less than 65 years of age, who were real officials or abnormal state strategy producers for their most recent two years, and who got a quick no forfeit-able retirement advantage of at any rate $44,000.

Mandatory retirement age

  1. Cutting occupation obligations:

One approach to compel more seasoned representatives out is to cut employment obligations, restricting your power and embarrassing you with low-level undertakings. You may have age a separation claim if this happens. So don’t simply quit in hurry.

  1. Cutting hours:

Another approach to put senior workers under pressure is to slice hours deep down. Starving you to death is an approach to drive you to stop. Here, as well, glance around and check whether more established representatives are being focused on.

cutting hours

  1. Harassment:

Cutting hours and occupation obligations, separating you and allocating humble assignments are all types of provocation. Different illustrations of age-based provocation are: calling you the “old man,” or an “old woman”; continually requesting that when you’re going to resign; or making different remarks identified with age.

Every Company should follow certain rules to remove the old wrong employees otherwise that would lead to serious case putting your company into risk.