Tips to learn any new technology


We are living in a society where every day a new technology is being developed and never before, education is available to everyone at a very low cost (I can say almost free). The evolution has gone many changes from classrooms to blogs, videos and more, made our life easier. As entrepreneurs, we find many opportunities daily. We need to master every new technology to be successful. Learning new things is very important in the current generation and that even may helpful to your business. So how are you planning to learn??? In this article I will give you 10 tips for how to kick-start your learning procedure. Let’s go,

1.      Get help of available resources

The most advantage of today’s generation is, you have everything available at your fingertips, no need to learn from your own. Take help of the resources nearer to you like books, audios, videos, and internet. You can use web resources to get online help for learning. Use time and energy to get what you need. You can even bring people who can guess what you need to know, by paying them some amount of money through PayPal or any other technologies. Use Skype, Google+ hangouts. Develop your mind with quick and quality learning.


2.      Get to know of Pros  

While choosing a new technology, First thing you need to do is – get to know about it. This could be anything you feel enthusiastic about, and have enthusiasm for knowing further. It’s essential to have this strong way, as it will gain you with the fundamental truths, amid those low times. When you choose what to learn, might be a new programming language, an application or a tool – first research their background or their previous versions. You may get to know about them on YouTube, HackerNews kind of sites or even from one of your Twitter companions. Investigating what others have done will give you certainty that you, as well, can do it!


3.      Continue the flow of information

After your decision of what to learn, now start absorbing the technology like searching in Google and finding the beginner tutorial of your selected technology. As you probably are aware, Nettuts+ offers many of those tutorials for the beginners. Stack Overflow is one spot where you will clearly discover connections to a plenty of topics. On the other hand, Quora is a fantastic spot to hunt down answers. When you filter through these sites, you may wish to take more focused tutorials by searching for the best books on the theme.


4.      Focus and learn 

You need to focus to achieve success. As you go deeper and deeper into the information, you will definitely feel to have more number of other forms of information. I usually use iTunes (a platform that can bring classroom on iPad). This platform contains much amount of information taken from the world best universities. There’s nothing to worry, today we have many number of websites available offering the online education without costing you much, also free of cost.


5.      Practice 

“Repetition is the mother of learning”

“Practice makes man perfect”

 Nothing is impossible if you start practicing. You need to practice in a right way that helps you remember what you learnt. Practice for 1000 times until you learn. Practice can make man perfect– this is absolutely true. Do it until you will be perfect.


6.      Test yourself 

All right, you’ve read many tutorials, videos, and have a superior comprehension of the innovation that you’ve wanted to learn. What now? All things considered and its chance to put your insight under serious inspection. Eventually, the most ideal approach to learn is by doing.  Pick any individual site that you can build utilizing this new innovation. Plan some exercises components and execute them. At the point when this happens, test the plan on StackOverflow or Google. You are currently on an excursion to turn into a specialist in that innovation. The more disappointments and obstructions you experience, the more astute you will be. There is a saying that “the specialists are the ones who have committed the most errors.” It means they’ve attempted insane things and pushed the points of confinement of an innovation. Accordingly, they’ve gained a cozy comprehension of how it functions.


7.      Blogging

Blogs are effortlessly the most well-known type of expression in the technical industry. When you put a pen to your learning’s, you’re constraining yourself to wind up more durable in your musings, bringing some structure into the scattered bits of information that you have aggregated. Who knows, simultaneously, you might conceivably be teaching another person on the Internet. Pay it forward when you can.

8.      Social Media 

Social Media networks have turned into an all-inclusive method for staying in touch and finding new things. Twitter and Facebook are the essential suspects for data, however, there are more engaged sites, similar to the already said Quora, that have a far reaching arrangement of themes, which individuals may vote and remark on. It’s an awesome spot to discover answers and assessments from surely understood people with genuine encounters. Indeed, a brisk scan on Quora for different points of view on learning, uncovers a fascinating arrangement of results.


9.      Meetup Group

 Might be Social networks are extraordinary, nothing can substitute genuine human association. It is likely that you have a Meetup profile in a spot close you, where you’ll locate a few similarly invested people. You will find out about fascinating tasks that others are taking a shot at, while likewise getting some of your precarious issues understood!. On a related note, meetups, as well, are an incredible spot to share encounters and enhance your officially developing aptitude set.


10.  Have a fabulous time!

Never forget why you’re learning. In the event that it isn’t fun, you are declining the learning. Keep it fun in beneficial ways that keep you persuaded. It additionally keeps you alive rationally. Let it all out! Never give up. Never and ever say ”I cannot do it”. Try and try till you achieve your goal.

have fun