Tips to make good money online as a freelance designer


Nowadays designing as a freelancer is very difficult. There are many freelancers waiting to make money through designing. So guys!!! How can the designer’s raise money with this tough competition?

The major part of the internet is based on designing. Designers can make logos, designing the websites, magazine covers and so forth keeping in mind the end goal to be a to some degree known creator. Today, I will attempt to give you the simplest ways to profit online by designing as a freelancer.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” ~ John Quincy Adams

This article will show 10 ways for Freelance Designers to acquire money from doing what they cherish,

1.Creative Martketplaces

After the dispatch of Flashden in 2006 by Collis Ta’eed & Jun Rung, the idea of the market place has been originated, with a large number of sites went for permitting innovative specialists to transfer their custom work for others to appreciate all alone individual or business. The creative market places are still right up till the present time growing, with Graphic River, Themeforest,  Photodune, Videohive, Activeden & Audio Jungle are the famous market places.


One of the main Creative market place is Create Marketbegan in 2011. It is an online market place for group created designer resources. This offers design, WordPress themes, stock photography, and other advanced layouts for the use of web designers. This creative Market has more than one million clients and more than 250,000 available resources.

2.Websites for freelancers

Freelancers need to expose their presence online to everyone using the available freelancer websites. You might have many clients but creating a profile in freelancer website will definitely make you earn more money.

freelance websites

Below are the mostly used freelancer websites,

  1. Freelancer
  2. Microlancer
  3. Freelanceswitch
  4. Elance
  5. Peopleperhour

3.Begin a Blog

“Any designer can do SOMETHING. A great designer does the RIGHT thing.”

As a Freelancer, the simple way to earn money is just by creating a Blog. The Blog might be a personal one or a commercial one but it should be related to designing. You can upload the daily activity posts about your designing work and get attracted by the clients easily. The key thing is to provide your customers the value, which in turn make them share to millions of people. Write posts in such a way that should impress the designing community.

Below are some of the best designed Blogs,


4.Visitor posting

Visitor posting is one of the most ideal approaches to profit as a Freelance Designer, and you get paid well per visitor post. A decent case would be that you had another method to show individuals in regards to CSS3 & jQuery impacts or maybe another photoshop impact that you need to compose an instructional exercise about. These are flawless points to expound on and send into a plenty of designing websites, willing to pay individuals for their work. You will be getting paid per each post. If  you get $400 for a blog entry, and you essentially do one visitor blog entry for every month, that’s your bill paid for, your TV memberships, facilitating & space expenses and, after it’s all said and done there’s still some cash left over for you to play with. So consider it that way, compose some quality posts and send it out to online journals, and thus you can make more money.

5.Mightly deals for Web professionals

Mightly deals, a new company provides amazing deals for the designers and web professionals. To get notified for the exclusive deals, you need to sign up into their website. This affiliate program helps designers to make more money through their websites and blogs.

mighty deals

6.Use Shopify

Beginning a new online business is not an easy task due to the development in E-Commerce Technology. One of the best online Theme store is Shopify. Shopify has a collection of more than 100 free professional E-Commerce templates. Users can easily customize the templates as per their requirement. Shopify has a shopify experts who can completely customize your template according to your need, developing your business a very great success.


7.Offer Your Own Prints

This is an excellent approach to profit in the business, yet it can be an awesome one. In case you’re a good designer then why not offer prints of your work? Particularly on the off chance that you spend significant time in Wallpaper Patterns or Pure Illustrated Work that can be connected to numerous diverse things, for example, canvas prints, stationary and so on.

Some of them are,

  1. Zazzle
  2. Deviantart
  3. Etsy

8.Be a part of YouTube

This is the most important way to earn money for a freelancer designer. But should be done carefully. Simply create your own videos of your work and give them the good title, so that users can easily get your videos. YouTube provides you the traffic through which you can earn lot of money when ones clicked, you can become a YouTube simply signing into it and uploading your videos.



This is not the primary way designers would go about profiting as a designer, however it is a reasonable choice for the individuals who have high activity online journals. Basically put a symbol on your landing page or pages that get high measures of movement and name it “Send me a Donation”, if you frequently pump out incredible substance, features and assets, and have an unwavering fanbase, then you will get standard gifts. Give it a shot and see what lives up to expectations for you.


Numerous outline websites use BuySellAds to get movement to their own particular sites and for the most part it’s an effective strategy. On the off chance that you have your own particular blog then just sign up (if you meet their necessities obviously) and permit your webpage to be recorded in their system where a large number of potential promoters can find you and purchase advertisements on your website.