Tonor TC-777 USB Microphone Review- Ideal for podcasting, recording, Skype , YouTube video and more

Do you listen to podcasts? Or do you have any favorite YouTube channel that you watch regularly? Have you ever listened to cover songs on YouTube? What is the one thing that is common in all of these? Still got no idea? It is excellent sound quality in all of the videos. Whenever you listen to someone professional on YouTube you can always notice that the sound quality in the video is really great. There are no background noises or disturbances that you can hear. All of this is possible because of the dynamic microphones they are. Dynamic USB microphones are the best gadgets you can use if you want a great quality of sound for the content you want to create. These gadgets will ensure that the quality of sound is best in all of your recordings. 

If you have ever watched a podcast on YouTube you must have noticed a mic with a filter before it. Those are dynamic microphones. But the problem with these dynamic USB microphones is they are extremely costly. You will not find any good dynamic microphones for cheap. The ones that are cheap are very bad. The quality of sound offered by these microphones is not that great. This is a huge reason why most of the people could not many people cannot start their own YouTube channel or record their own audio. You want a dynamic microphone that offers great sound quality at a cheap price and Tonor just has the right kind of product for you. It has launched the tonor TC-777 USB Microphone which is currently one of the highest-rated microphones on Amazon. The best part about this dynamic USB microphone is it is absolutely affordable.

Let’s find out why it should be your first choice if you are looking to buy a dynamic microphone for cheap.

What is a tonor TC-777 USB microphone?

Like mentioned earlier tonor TC-777 is a dynamic USB microphone. This was designed by the company Tonor to be one of the best entry-level microphones for desktop video conferencing and podcasting. But it is not limited to just those two things. This is the best microphone for streamers, gamers, and podcasters. Tonor TC-777 was designed to serve the needs of current times. It definitely knows that the current generation looks for high-performance devices that are easy to afford. By the looks of it, tonor has definitely been successful in its venture.

Now let’s look at the features that make tonor TC-777 special.

Awesome sound quality

The first thing one should take care of while purchasing a microphone is the sound quality. A dynamic USB microphone without good sound quality is a waste of money. Thankfully offered by this dynamic USB microphone is absolutely great. You are not going to find any other microphone with quality of sound that matches tonor TC-777 microphones at least for the price point offered by tonor. This is not an exaggeration as the customer reviews are evident of this. Tonor TC-777 has a good audio system that can capture audio without any background noises. It is a great device for a home user but may not be for recording music. 

The microphone captures great sound with maximum noise reduction due to the microphone cardioid being placed inside it. If you are someone who has to record audio on a regular basis then it is definitely capable of doing that. You can capture good sound even if the surroundings are a little noisy. But one thing you should keep in mind that this USB microphone is available for an affordable price. So don’t expect studio-level sound quality. However, this is the best microphone in its price bracket that offers great sound quality. This microphone has a 2.0 USB which means that you do not require any additional sound card or driver software to use it. The plug and play mechanism doesn’t require any expertise to use it which makes it very easy for anyone to use.


When you are talking about buying a tonor TC-777 you are not just talking about the microphone but the accessories that come with it. Most of the expensive microphones only come with few or no accessories but tonor is different. You will be getting all the accessories you need to record your audio perfectly. Tonor TC-777 comes with a stand that is used to place the mic. The stand has folding feet which makes it easy to store as it does not occupy much space. You will get a filter that will allow you to record audio that has excellent sound quality. Apart from these, you will be getting a power cord, shock mount, and a USB connector along with few other things. 


Compatibility could be a deciding factor when you are talking about electronic gadgets like dynamic USB microphones. The reason is people want a microphone that they can connect to multiple devices. Because you can’t keep buying a new microphone for every other device you have. This is a place where tonor TC-777 doesn’t disappoint you at all. The product is compatible with almost all types of devices. It is a microphone that can run on devices with all operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. You can connect to any devices such as desktops, laptops, and even your PlayStation4. The only thing it is not compatible with is Xbox. Apart from that, you can connect it to any device. All you have to do is plug and play. 


  • The small size of the microphone makes it compact and portable.
  • The microphone comes with all the accessories you need so you don’t have to buy additional accessories. 
  • Highly compatible, can be connected to PCs, gaming consoles, and other devices.
  • Incredible sound quality for daily use.
  • Offers great performance for a cost-effective product as you get the complete mic set for only $39.
Compare itemExpensive MicsTonor TC-777 mic
Priceover $100$39.99
AccessoriesfewShock mount, filter, tripod
Sound qualityVery goodGood for non-professional
Cost-performanceLowVery high


If you are looking for a USB microphone that offers great sound then you should buy a tonor TC-777. Tonor TC-777 is the best choice for an entry-level microphone. High-cost performance, suitable for live broadcasting, remote conferences, home office, and gaming. You can get TC-777 USB microphone on Amazon. Buy your first dynamic microphone today.