Top 10 Angel Investment Companies


Learning The Basic Facts About The Top Ten Angel Investment Companies

For most new businesses arranging the necessary capital often becomes the biggest hindrance in their path towards success. For such entrepreneurs, angel investors can turn out to be the best solution to their problem. An angel investor is a company or an individual with sufficient funds to provide for business start-up. When a group of companies work together to provide the capital necessary for funding a business venture they all believe in, it is known as they are collectively known as angel investment groups o networks.

Finding the right angel investment companies for the growth and prosperity of a business is not an easy task. Listed below are the ten topmost angel investment companies which can make a significant difference towards the growth and prosperity of a small business.

Ohio TechAngel Funds

This angel network is based in Columbus, Ohio and is made up of 282 angel investors. The group is known to provide funding to local businesses which are in their early stages. The group specifically resolves the financial issues of companies dealing in IT, advanced materials or medical technologies.

Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels is an angel investor network company based in Los Angeles and comprises of 263 angel investors. The company provides information, operational assistance and even connections and mentoring facilities to businesses that are in their formative years. The clients of the company include businesses which specialize in areas such as biotech, consumer goods, IT, life and environmental sciences, and media etc.


This San Francisco based angel investor group consists of 225 individual investor angels.  The group caters to the financial needs of businesses working for social and environmental causes. Investors’ Circle has provided financial aid amounting $150 million to 225 companies by exclusively using personal funds.

Golden Seeds LLC

 With as many as 190 angel investors, this New York based angel network group is focused on helping female entrepreneurs. The members are free to make a direct investment or invest through managed funds in companies that are established or even operated by females. The company caters specifically to businesses dealing with consumer products, technology, software and life sciences.

North Coast Angel Fund

 This is another angel investment network based in Ohio, which operates from Cleveland. Having 180 angel investors, the company helps Ohio based business ventures specializing in the field of technology, during their initial phases.

Band of Angels

Band of Angels is an angel investor group consisting of 136 members and is based in Menlo Park, California. The group includes executives who have either been formerly or are currently holding high-tech positions. The group has already provided financial aid amounting to $200 million to various technology companies in their initial phases.

Hyde Park Angel Network

Based in Chicago, the Hyde Park Angel Network has 133 angel investors. The members not only help businesses in their initial phases but also help in setting up a venture. The group caters to entrepreneurs located primarily in the Midwest and dealing in IT, business services, Industrial technology, financial services consumer or industrial goods and health services.

Alliance Of Angels

Alliance of Angels is a Seattle based angel investor network company with 100 members. The company invests in initial phases of start-ups for entrepreneurs located in the Northwest region of America. The group takes interest in ventures that deal in clean technology, IT, life sciences and consumer goods.

Pasadena Angels

Based in Altadena in California, Pasadena Angels is a group of 100 angel investor. The group provides financial assistance of up to $750,000 to businesses in their early stages. It is among the few investor groups that provide the initial capital to entrepreneurs for establishing their ventures. The group caters mostly to clients located in Southern California.

New York Angels Inc

The 99 members of the New York Angels Inc, an angel investor group based in New York, are mostly businessmen, CEO’s venture capitalists and other business heads. The group provides financial assistance in the range of $250,000 and $750,000, to clients dealing in the initial stages of setting up technology ventures. The group generally caters to clients located in the Northeastern regions of USA.