Top 10 beautifully designed company offices in the world

Zurich Google office

Companies now days (especially companies who make money through internet) are showing much interest on the office staff requirements and environment to meet their best results in making money out of it. There are few workplaces in the list given, from a portion of the greatest companies across the world, however in terms of making wonderful work places; the size of the office doesn’t make a difference.

Below are the awesome designed offices across the world,

  1. Selgascano (Madrid- Spain)

Selgascano must be a standout amongst the calmest workplaces to work in, the office is constructed in such a way that the building resides half below the land and half above the land. This is Selgas Cano Office, which was planned and designed by Iwan Baan and is arranged in a backwoods in Madrid, present in Spain. This office for the engineers is light and breezy, with clean lines and bright points of interest, making it an awesome work environment. This office is not about amazing fun slides, awesome sustenance and gaming ranges, and all the more around a casual situation, far from unpleasant lighting and huge unfilled rooms.


  1. Google (Zurich – Switzerland)

We all know that Google is a fun, with good money and with committed employees. Employees working in Google have fun doing work, as the company provides the employee requirements, Google spend lot of money and time on designing the office environment which is unique, doing work with happiness. Employees are allowed to relax during their break times. Google flourishes of innovativeness and that idea has all that much gone into the thinking behind the plans of their workplaces, furnishing each individual employee with a space for them to be inventive.

Zurich Google office

There is a principle at Google from beginning, that no employee is permitted to be more than 100 meters far from the food, so can see cafeteria all over the place, and a great cafeteria where each worker is bolstered three times each day, free of charge. On the off chance that you believe that the workplaces are over the top and unreasonably enormous, then at any rate you won’t need to invest all your energy strolling all around as you can simply take the slide or fire fighter’s shaft around the building. If suppose you are not satisfied and you truly need some place calm to take relaxation and make tracks in an opposite direction from work, there will be a library.

  1. Red Bull (Soho, London)

Red Bull office in London is built by combining the 5 old pubs present in Soho. The specialty of this office is none of the other part (among 5 pubs) are not linked each other. The office building is on the same floor with all interesting features and cool space all over the office area. Red Bull office is for the 100 employees who are creative in mind and enjoy this beautiful and creative office. This office has a reception which will turn into a bar during the nights for the parties. This Red Bull office is made especially for the young creative individuals in London.

Red bull office

  1. AOL Head Quarters (Palo Alto- California)

This company office is everything with the cafeterias, Empty spaces to relax during the breaks, Games similar to all the large internet companies around the world. This company is all the way same but with few changes to modify their office with lot more fun and new designed work spaces.

AOL office

  1. Parliament (Portland- Oregon)

Parliament is the formal creative office of valiant brand across the world. They create brands and experiences that stand apart from it. Parliament Design’s office constructed in Portland of Oregon has to be one of the best examples of usability and design coming together in an office. This company believes in working happily with the beautiful and fun environment. This office is not like other offices, it has completely different designed office with many recycled items made of wood, with the raw materials used, made the office look awesome finish. The most of it all, it has a bearskin rug that suits the design very well.

Parliament Interior

  1. Dreamhost (La Brea- California)

Planned by the same individuals that did AOL and Facebook, the Dreamhost office is another of those office swith brilliant open spaces, which have disposed of individual cubicals to energize collaboration between the staff. Open and private zones are scattered about the building for gatherings, unwinding and work, and recreations ranges and spots to eat. Plans like these may begin to show up truly regular, yet I guarantee you, this kind of thing just happens when tons of money are included, what number of you have played ping pong at work? Huge glass windows make for a light workplace, far from unforgiving fluorescent lighting, while the mixture of deck and sprinkles of shading make it feel a ton less clinical.

dreamhost office

  1. Comvert (Milan-Italy)

This has got the chance to be one of the coolest structures to manufacture an office in, which occurred when option apparel organization Comvert were searching for another space for their base camp. Amid the hunt, they stumbled upon an old surrendered silver screen that appeared to offer the ideal arrangement. It was sufficiently enormous to house the majority of their workplaces, warehousing and even room a shop in the front, be that as it may, there was one issue, what mighe way the  could tt they do with all the additional room above where the crowd sat amid a film? The answer is novel, motivated, and everything except straightforward – fabricate an indoor skate dish which sat suspended over the distribution center. This was a flawless answer for all the space, while keeping the staff entertained, and fitting in their option dress brand picture.

comvert office

  1. Facebook ( Palo Alto- California)

Facebook went around their office plan a little contrastingly to most organizations, really utilizing its own particular programming to gather information asking their representatives what they would need from an office. The outcome was a great workplace with huge open spaces to work from, and stunning unwinding territories with a spot to skate and DJ from. The truth is out, there’s no essentially connecting to your iPod to a dock, there’s an entire corner that you can clean up your blending abilities at while captivating associates. The greater part of this joined with the current, open to styling of the complex and implies that Facebook is one of the best work environment and play, which is perfect truly, considering their representatives take care of 500 million individuals a day, from around 750 million dynamic records.


  1. YouTube (San Bruno- California)

YouTube is a fascinating organization truly on the grounds that it was sold in under 2 years for regal aggregate of $1.65 billion, yet its gaining capacities appear to be far beneath that. That hasn’t halted Google from sprinkling out on huge lavish workplaces however, which is by all accounts a trademark for them. Huge open floor arranges and advantages for workers rule this office complex, as they can unwind with a touch of indoor putting, free-wander Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming, and rec center exercises, to give some examples. It’s business and delight all moved into one at YouTube, with the trusts that the staff will be casual and sufficiently propelled to think of new thoughts and function admirably with their associates.

Youtube office san bruno

  1. Dtac Headquaters (Bangkok)

Dtac as of late chose to put an end to independent office spaces all through the city of Bangkok, and brought each of the six structures under one rooftop, which happens to be the biggest ever office rent in Thailand’s history till now, involving around 650,000 square feet. The move and outline mirrors the organization’s yearning to turn into the manager of decision, to upgrade collaboration and correspondence, reinforce normal objectives, build inventiveness and make it simpler for the brand to respond rapidly to evolving conditions.