Top 10 Websites to Submit and Promote Your Startup 2014

Ten Topmost Startup Blogs to Promote your Startup

The modern age is the age of knowledge and information and for any individual seeking a successful career, prior and in-depth knowledge about their chosen field is a must. However, given the enormous amount of data and information that is available through various sources, choosing the most relevant one can often be quite difficult. This is where startup blogs can prove extremely helpful. These blogs are generally aimed to provide information about a specific field or industry and can be of great help to not only professionals but also entrepreneurs wanting to start a new business venture. These are mainly Blogs which lists about startups like pitches and news about your product launch.

List of Top 10 Places to Submit your Startup to Promote Your Startup

1) TechCrunch

2) Mashable

3) Jcount Startups

4) KillerStartups

5) NextBigWhat

6) VentureBeat

7) SpringWise

8) LaunchingNext

9) StartupMeme

10) HARO