Top 16 ideas for home based business


Are you planning to start your own home based business? If your answer is yes, make sure to have a clear point of- what kind of business best suites your background? What kind of skills you have? What sort of fields are you interested in? What sort of business best suites to your investment?

Running a business at home with comfort is a dream comes true for many entrepreneurs. If you are in need to succeed your healthy work life balance, find out these 16 best home based ideas that have growth prospective:

1.    Start a Blog:

Blogging has rapidly turned into a standout amongst the most popular ways for communicating and spreading the useful information or the news all over the world within span of time. There are actually a large number of sites online, but no need to be worried- you can make your own with some unique idea that get noticed!!


  • It’s an extraordinary approach to communicate and furthermore a good approach to impart data to others.
  • You can become a superior writer.
  • You can earn lot of money!

Steps to Start a Blog:

  • Pick your favored blogging platform.
  • Choose whether you need to self-hosting service, paid domain or get a free blog
  • Design your blog- design should attract people to land onto your blog and stay for longer time.
  •  Post useful content.

2.    Become an event organizer

Event organizing is a fun kind of job. You need to develop creative ideas to become an event planner. You need to share your planning skills with the customers and bring each event to life!!

event planner

Lists to do:

Choose the events where you are much interested! Turn into an event organizer doing these lists below,

1) Become a wedding organizer- wedding decoration, make – up, dance events.

2) Become a party organizer – for the special occasions, birthday parties, Anniversary functions, bachelor’s parties, kitty parties.

3) Organize corporate occasions, gatherings or meetings.

4) Develop a website and add videos for all the events you are organizing. This attracts many people as the individual who might not attend the event can see it online on your website.

5) Organize Get together parties

6) Organize fashion shows

7) Organize a store/business opening events.

8) Plan workshops to DIY (do-it-yourself) people who need to arrange their own occasions.

All you need to become a good event organizer is good communication skills, ability to deal with all kind of people, increase the business contacts.

3.  Web designing

web designing

A web designer should have basic knowledge in designing. Have you ever seen a website layout or a logo? If you have creative skills to design a unique, effective and simple website or a logo for the organizations that attracts individuals land on the website, which in turn increases the traffic.  You can put your abilities to great use for entrepreneurs who need to take their online presence to higher level. All you need to become a good web designer and earn money sitting in home is – create a portfolio of yours with all your experience, and then create a website with few freelancer jobs included to attract clients for the new projects.

4.   Online Security consultant for businesses

security consulting

Now days, most of the company has a website that collects customer or clients data. Besides, numerous organizations store their client’s information, individual data, and credit card details– in their organization Personal Computers. However, many companies are getting failed to store the data securely. Data can be hacked or stolen by many thieves or the hackers. Small organizations can’t afford to contract a full-time information security professional employee, and this is how, where your home-based security consulting business comes in. If you have little knowledge in IT, you can work as an advisor or a consultant helping the startup companies store their valuable data or information securely.

Consider a portion of the present claims to get fame in the security consulting field:

  1. Computer security
  2. Site consulting
  3. System design security and
  4. Forensic  consulting

5.   Application designer

apps designing

Apps are trending now days!! You can make lot of money as an app designer if you have some knowledge and skills in coding and designing part. Many small companies don’t have budget to hire an in- house application designer, so companies choose to go for freelance designers for developing apps. You as an application designer can work from home and develop apps. This is one of the best home based jobs to gain more and more money.

6.   Accounting

Many organization small or big, trying to save money by outsourcing the accounting services to the individuals who have good knowledge in accounts. Certified and highly experienced professionals charge high amount of pay.


Beginning a CPA business from home obliges moderately low for some time, yet it may require some investment to land the customers expected to turn a benefit. You can advertise your administrations through systems administration, and you should seriously think about beginning your business low maintenance until it gets off the ground.

While you can become an accountant without CPA affirmation, CPAs have an in number point of interest over their non-certified companions.

7.   Day care for children and elders

Beginning a childcare business today – this is one of those conservative home business thoughts which is a tremendous decision for home makers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or any individuals who simply adores kids and likes to help them develop and create.

care services

There is simply something unique about watching youngsters widen their encounters and watch their eagerness as they learn new things. On the off chance that this energizes you, this may be the ideal business. Beginning a childcare business can be such a fun and compensating knowledge! This is one of those shabby home business thoughts that are dependably in need – great quality, reliable day care suppliers.

Furthermore, if that you as of now have little youngsters at home or it’s now set-up for kids, since it won’t cost you much to add a couple of more kids to the blend. A developing populace of senior residents implies huge open door for non-medical home care suppliers, who help seniors with assignments of day by day living. The administrations you offer may incorporate transportation, house cleaning, dietary help, showering, overseeing medications, and, maybe most imperative, fraternity.

Before beginning, do your analysis. Figure out what numbers of seniors are in your general vicinity and what sorts of administrations they require. Contact neighbourhood and state government organizations to find out about the regulations administering senior consideration organizations in your general vicinity.

8.  Computer Repair


Before you start a computer repair business, you need to know all the types of systems that client’s requires. Check each and every part of the computer including the internal parts and external parts also like keyboard, mouse, printers, scanners etc. Turned out to be totally acquainted with all the Internet service providers (ISPs) accessible in the business sector zone you plan to cover. Build up yourself as the master who can address the issues of the PC client, the small business or a bigger partnership. You need to have some experience, if not at least you must need to gone through some training with certification.

9.   Lunch Delivery Service

food delivary

Lunch delivery business works with much profit if you are in the nearby to work places. Do your research before beginning. Check whether you have contenders and what they are putting forth at what cost. Study office specialists – what kind of sandwiches might they want to have? What are they as of now paying and willing to pay you? Use handouts with a rundown of sandwiches and costs, and when you will convey. Convey on time, time management plays a very important role in this business.

10.   Copywriting:



If you are perfect in writing and have little knowledge in any topic you are interested, this home based business of copy writing is the apt job. Everything you need is a PC and an internet connection. There are numerous locales like that utilize journalists or writers to post articles. Payment would be per article or words, it depends on site by site.

11.    Editing services



Here is the list of the publication services you could do from home,

Copy editing: This is the service where certainty checking happens, and where syntactic, grammar and typographical mistakes are gotten.

Proof reading:  This is the last work need to be done. The editor verifies the copy editing changes have been legitimately made and no new mistakes are made simultaneously.

Indexing: There are many indexing courses accessible and you can get various indexing software’s available.

Formative altering: A formative editorial manager works with an original copy on huge picture things like association and content related issues.

Book doctoring: This is a publication service accommodated original copies composed by specialists. They make an original copy as well as can be expected and after that a book specialist places it into publishable shape.

Ghost Writing:  As a professional writer, you really need to do lot of research and compose the book and another person’s name is appended as the writer.

Copy writing: as mentioned in above idea, otherwise called business composing, this is composing that advances an item or an administration.

Book composing:  Do you have ability in something proficient, for example, bookkeeping or inside finishing? On the other hand by and by, such as sewing? Why not compose a book about it?

Magazine article composing: Magazines and daily papers are incredible approaches to get you’re composing distributed before handling the vast undertaking of composing an entire book.

Site page content supplier: Giving the articles written to a site is a decent approach to profit composing.

12.   Interior designer

You need Experience and certified proof.

Market your abilities to building foremen. Individuals buying new homes can regularly be overpowered with the decisions and conceivable outcomes in home embellishing. Outline a few surveys for every significant component and every real room in the house. Discover how the mortgage holder will utilize the home- – are there youngsters? Does the lady of the house wear high heels? Do the home’s occupants disregard to uproot shoes? By what method will every room be utilized? Where may undertake lighting and surrounding lighting be generally fitting? Plan accordingly and start your process.

13.  Music instructor

For the musically talented, offering lessons to other people who need to take in an instrument can be an incredible wellspring of additional salary. Unless you’re showing piano, understudies can convey their own particular instruments to your home for hour-long lessons. Stock up on sheet music or songbooks in differing kinds and went for different expertise levels so you can offer a wide determination for your potential customers. Voice lessons can likewise acquire a considerable measure of cash on the off chance that you advertise yourself to neighbourhood secondary school.

14.   Bill payment service

bill pay

Amid the subsidence, numerous organizations, particularly builders, needed to lay off office labourers. What’s more, while the economy is recuperating, most still can’t bear to contract a full-time office right hand. That leaves an open door for business people who need to offer invoicing, accounting, HR and other administrative administrations to entrepreneurs on a contractual or low maintenance premise. With only a tablet and a couple of customers, you can take care of business from home.

15.   Photography


Getting money as a picture taker should be possible in various diverse ways. You can spend significant time in one zone, the most widely recognized being weddings. There are many corners you can search for: representations of individuals and their pets, families, and homes; photos for special occasions, birthday gatherings or Christmas cards; the potential outcomes are very huge.

16.   Online shoe sales business

online shoe business

This is one of the most growing home based online businesses. If you are really passionate for shoes and have an online sources like social media (especially Facebook), you can start selling shoes to your customers. Not only the shoes, it may also include the heels, flip flops and every accessory.