Top 5 Earphone Brands in India


In general, a smartphone always comes with a pair of earphones, but in case you have lost them or you have caused any damage to them then you will have to search for another pair of earphones. Sometimes, people who give more attention to the quality of music find that there is a need to change their regular earphones and upgrade to the latest ones. You need to be careful while selecting your pair of earphones because these are vital in today’s metro life.  Earphones have become an important utility in this generation and are used by almost everyone; whether rural or urban, elder or younger you will find a pair of earphones in every hand.

Not only with the smartphones, but nowadays earphones are used with the normal phones too. So, for a better experience and effective utilization of your resources, you have to choose the best of all. In India, there are many earphone manufacturing companies which give you good quality earphones. But, you have to be smart enough to screen out the best for you. To make this job easier for you, we have brought to you some of the top earphone brands in India.

Top 5 Earphone Brands -:

We have brought to you the top five earphone brands in India, so that, the next time you look forward to buying a pair of earphones, you do not have to supervise a pool of alternatives. You can just simply choose among the following top brands.

1.JBL –                       

JBL is a famous maker of gadgets; it is a popular company with a good reputation and name. JBL offers you a superb quality of earphones. The JBL earphones are lightweight with strong and durable cables. JBL also comes with a category of glow in the dark earphones, which have a glowing cable that glows in the dark, these earphones are sweat proof and do not slip out. JBL earphones are the best for the people having an active lifestyle, as these are durable, non-slip and good quality earphones.  JBL offers an excellent sound quality and maximum comfort. The earphones are available in attractive colours and stylish appearances with built-in Mic (in some categories).

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2.Klider –

The Klider is also a top brand in earphones. Klider deals in distinctive designs and styles of earphones, for instance, wired, non-wired, Bluetooth etc. the Klider earphones guarantee a deep bass sound and good quality. The wireless earphones of Klider are an excellent category of earphones, with no irritation of untangling the tangled wires of the earphone. It offers you small, medium and large ear tips so you can choose the most preferable one for yourself. Its sound quality is a superb and great comfort. There are numerous colour options with inbuilt Mic.

The Klider earphones are a great choice because they provide you with ease and excellent quality, with a known and renowned name of the company. The attractive colours and alluring styles make these earphones a must have in your mobile accessories. In addition to all the attributes of these earphones, they are durable too and will work for a comparatively longer time than your normal earphone brand.

3.Sony –

The name of the company, ‘Sony’, is the synonym of trust and confidence for the customers in India. Sony has a high degree of reputation and goodwill in the Indian market for its various electronic gadgets, one of which is the categories of earphones. The earphone range lives up to its reputation and customer expectations very well indeed. The Sony earphones are a great and brilliant choice for a superb quality experience with a reasonable and budget price/cost. Sony offers a wide range of earphones with numerous designs and colours with neat and attractive accessory kits. The sound quality is very good and the comfortable snug fit is available with an inbuilt Mic.

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4.Zebronics –

Zebronics is also a category in the top five earphone brands in India. Zebronics is a value for money category of earphones. The Zebronics earphones offer you a very good quality sound and clear sound experience. You can plug it into your phone, laptop, music player, and tablet conveniently to get a high standard of experience and comfort. The Zebronics earphones come at much lesser prices than the other top brands in the earphone categories. The price tag is a superb attraction for the people of India and the prices of Zebronics earphones attract a large number of customers. In addition to reasonable prices, the earphones also offer a great quality and moderate comfort.

The earphones from Zebronics come with an included Mic and various colours.  These are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for an efficient experience and convenience. So, do opt these earphones and enjoy good quality sound and music.

5.Skullcandy –

Skullcandy is a lifestyle brand and it is offering the best quality earphones in the budget category. It is one of the newest brands which entered the Indian electronics market. It offers a wide range of wired and wireless earphones with various designs and colours. It is rapidly capturing the earphones segment and is offering good quality and great comfort to its customers.

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So, these were the top brands in the earphone ranges which guarantee good and clear sound quality and durability. Choose the best among the top brands and make the best of your purchase and enjoy excellent sound quality. Choose wisely and get the best one for yourself.