Top 5 productivity tools every startup company should know


Every startup business key point is to improve their efficiency and be successful in their field. Here are the tools to be used by startups,

1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a social Media Management platform used by any kind of organization. Now a day’s no company ignores the Social Media Management. With various number of social media platforms, it’s very difficult to keep track of the individual profiles. Hootsuite is a tool which helps providing access and maintain every individual account with it dashboard. Users can post simultaneously in different platforms and also can keep track of everything posted. Hootsuite is perfect for all small and medium businesses, agencies, and busy community managers who need to manage, engage, and measure with a scalable, intuitive platform.

2. Nimble:

Nimble is a social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used by all the business small or medium. It helps to grow a business without much work, manages the relationships without the work of data entry. Nimble itself updates everything including customers tons of information from different sources. It helps in collecting the team’s contacts, social media information and more, and keeps track of everything upto date.

3. Trello:

Trello is the best Project Management tool that helps you successfully oversee group undertakings and assignments from a focal spot. Asana is a similar Project Management Tool, is more cutting-edge than Trello, yet then certain headways can be disadvantageous in themselves. Trello drops the long email strings, outdated spreadsheets, no-more so-sticky notes, and awkward programming for dealing with your undertakings. Trello gives you a chance to see everything about your task in a single look.

4. Slack:

Slack is a platform used for the team communication, It helps you maintain everything in one place, can be instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Slack and HipChat are two awesome devices to oversee correspondence inside of your group. You can gather your correspondences taking into account tasks/groups. Sharing records, joins and so on likewise gets to be consistent. They will for all intents and purposes dispose of the need to utilize sends for interior correspondence. Slack is more coordination well disposed (and more costly) than HipChat yet once more, do give them two a shot.

5. Recruiter Box:

Recruiting is a very big task to be done. When you start hiring, it can turn out to be difficult to track different openings and applications. Recruiter box is enrollment administration software used to track the job applicants, gives you a chance to effectively handle different openings, tracks and audit the applications, allot obligations to your group, mechanize answers, modify polls and so forth. Essentially, it is an absolute necessity device in the event that you want to contract forcefully. Recruiter box is the most easy and simple approach to get and oversee work applications to your organization. It is more effective than email and less difficult than whatever other enrollment programming. It is known that more than 1000 fast growing companies are using this software to improve their efficiency.