Top 5 Tips for Business Trip Travelers to London

So, you have to travel to London for business soon. Cool, that’s lovely but business in London is quite different from other parts of the world. In the United States for instance, in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and even New York, casual is the norm nowadays. American billionaires can look like college students and hold meetings in flip-flops. It’s quite different in the United Kingdom; a lot more old school, involves some formalities and equally important is fashion. Some tips for doing business in London are highlighted below.

  • Check out Executive Serviced Apartments: Extensively available in England, these equipped apartments provide superior alternatives to hotels because they’re like home away from home, giving you time to settle comfortably in a totally different country just as if you’ve been around for a while. Furthermore, these apartments usually cater to business visitors, which means that they provide all accommodations and more that you’ll need to comfortably get your work done.
  • Business First, Tour Later: While it a lovely idea to get some sightseeing done when on business trip, it should however not hinder your sole reason of being in England in the first place (to conduct business). Hence, ensure that any plans you harbor for sightseeing come after your business preparations and meetings.
  • Learn the Basics of Football and Rugby: There is a very high probability that whomever you’re meeting with in London is either a profound football or rugby lover (or both). English people are fond of talking about that. So even if you don’t know a thing about either sport, you should conduct some research specifically if a big event or match is up ahead. They’ll be quite astounded (especially if you’re American) that you know something about their well-loved sports and it will endear you to them. Trust me, it works.
  • Find the Local Spots for Good Food: By American standards, groceries are rather inexpensive in London, fish and chips or kebabs also tend to be cheap. Eating out in London restaurants however can be very costly indeed, so you’ll need to find your way around British food if you aren’t going to go overboard on dining expenses alone. Don’t be afraid to ask around if you run into any trouble; an honest sense of gratitude and curiosity can go very far with the locals, who happen to be very helpful and nice to travelers.
  • Visit London Eye : Done with business? Now enjoy some sightseeing with London eye. An experience with London eye will lift you to amazing heights to view up to 40 kilometers on a clear day as well as keep you close enough to see the remarkable details of the city unfolding right underneath you. Centrally located in the heart of London and elegantly revolving over River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big ben, the London eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel at an amazing height of 135 meters, an achievement of design and engineering. The London eye has become the modern emblem representing the capital city and a global icon. The experience reveals an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of the capital city and its renowned landmarks and has been the top visitor experience in London over the past 10 years. Make your trip to London a remarkable one by visiting the London eye. You can get a high discount by buying discounted London eye tickets before travelling from discount London. Enjoy your remarkable stay in London, let discount London perfect your business trip to London and give you fond memories, one you can proudly look back on smile graciously.