Top Features of an E-Commerce App


We live in an era when the digital revolution has completely changed numerous aspects of our lives. Nowadays, we use technology and the internet on a daily basis even for the most basic tasks we need to complete both in our professional and personal lives. We become more and more dependent on the use of technology because it allows us to perform numerous tasks more efficiently and faster. Whether it is for business, communication, health, education or shopping, we have numerous technological tools which simplify any process considerably which is why extremely important to stay up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies in order to embrace the continuous development of every aspect of our lives.

Another definitory contemporaneous aspect of our era is Globalization which has overcome all the boundaries which used to exist for trading and communication, transforming the internet into a huge marketplace to which everybody has access all the time from each corner of the world since we all spend most of the time of day on our phones or in front of our computers. E-commerce has led to the rise of numerous businesses which have gained and satisfied the needs of numerous customers from all parts of the world.  E-commerce covers a large area of trading by the existence of four main types of it which are the following:  business to consumer(B2C), business to business (B2B), consumer to consumer (C2C), and consumer to business (C2B). The venues used for E-commerce in order to take place are websites and mobile apps. However, many businesses often forget about the importance of having a well-developed E-Commerce app in order to facilitate the selling of their products to their customers and creating the opportunities for the best buying and selling experience both for themselves and the growth of their business and their customers.  Read more about enterprise application development which focuses on satisfying the needs of both the organization and the users of the app.

Read below what are the top features of an E-Commerce App which will make any business grow by delivering an excellent user experience.

Social media login

Social Media integration to your E-Commerce App is definitely a must. People hate the registration forms, especially because they use numerous apps which means that they have to create an account for each of them if they do not have the Social Media login as an option. Since people hate going through the registration process each time they use an app, it means that they will choose to use the ones for which they already have an account. With the help of Social Media integration, you can ease the signup and login process which will definitely give a better user experience.

Push notifications

Another essential feature which any E-Commerce App should have is the feature of push notifications. Push notifications are extremely important for maintaining your business name and brand always in the mind of your customers by the process of immediate action of letting your customers know about the best promotions, special offers, and new products launches. For the success of your business, you definitely need to make sure that you integrate this feature since it will boost your sales considerably by engaging the users of the app and getting them back on your store to take advantage of the best deals you offer to them.

Multiple payment options


When you are creating an E-commerce app for your business, you need to cover most of the needs and preferences of all the users of the app. It might happen that a customer is interested in purchasing one of your products but cannot find the payment option that he or she prefers which will lead to leaving the process incomplete bringing a drop in your sales. It is incredibly important to offer all the payment options available which are safe, secure, and easy to understand and use by the users of the app.

Wishlist option

Another important feature which should not be ignored if you wish for your E-Commerce app to positively influence the growth of your business is the Wishlist option. This option allows the users of your app to bookmark the products or services which they are interested in and wish to buy nut for some reason cannot do it on the moment. In order to make sure that you do not lose the opportunity to make that sale, you need to allow your customers to postpone it until the moment that she or he is able to buy the product. Moreover, by having your products saved in their Wishlist option, your customers can be notified when there is a special promotion for that product which will surely increase the chances for you to make the sale.

Feedback system (review and rating)

Allowing your customers to review and rate your app based on their experience is extremely important because this is the only way to find out the aspects which need to be improved in order to create a better user experience. Moreover, apart from the fact that your customers should have the opportunity to tell you what should be changed about the app, they should also have the possibility to give feedback about your products and services. Not every customer is going to be satisfied with your products and you will definitely have some negative reviews as well. However, this will not affect your business, on the contrary, it will let your customers see more than just positive reviews which might make them think that you are trying to mislead them into buying your products.

A successful E-Commerce App should not only be about incorporating the latest technology trends but should also focus on offering the user an experience which is a high-quality one. Developing an efficient E-Commerce app which has all the top features is definitely one of the most important aspects which will not only increase your sales and profit but will also allow you to integrate the marketing of your business while satisfying the needs of your customers.