Top tips for Companies introducing on-site fitness classes for Employees

There is no doubting that technology has allowed us to get a lot more done, and get it done a lot faster, but it can come with some downsides. For those working in an office all day and are sat at a desk for long periods and engaging their brain without engaging any other muscles, it can be easy to slip into a routine that doesn’t lend itself to a healthy lifestyle.

This is understandable; when you are working all hours to get a project finished, or make an important deadline, it can be easy to neglect the time at the gym that you had been promising yourself. Plenty of other things will crop up after work as well; family time, seeing friends, and all of those other commitments that come outside of office hours. Deadlines can also pop up at the last second when a client requires an instant rework, putting all of those good intentions to the back burner.

It isn’t like most of us will combat this by dropping down and doing 20 push-ups by our desk every hour either, and nobody wants to be exhausted and sweaty for the important meeting before lunch. Office environments are not usually particularly conducive to fitness regimes, unless everybody else has gone home and you can create your own obstacle course within the open plan.

Sitting down all day at work and staring at a computer screen can have several health implications. Issues surrounding muscles, bones, and joints tend to be the most common type of injury that we have to deal with in the office. This is usually to do with the posture that we keep while sat at a chair.

The chances are that you aren’t likely to be that aware or conscious of how you are sitting right now. We tend to get used to a certain position that is comfortable and assume this pose regardless of how it is actually making our body feel. For example, postures that don’t support the back properly mean that our body has to support the weight in some other way, adding increased pressure to other parts of the spine and the upper parts of the leg.

Other types of repetitive strain injury are also common, such as when we type away constantly, or have to go and lift a load of paperwork to somewhere else without stretching properly beforehand.

All of these issues can have a wider implication, in that how healthy and fit we are has a direct correlation with how productive we are at work. The better we feel, the better we tend to do in life.

With this in mind, finding ways to create fitness classes on-site can be a great way to ameliorate these issues. If there is a spare room available, make the most of the free space and use it to set up a mini-arena that can be used for some light or heavier aerobics. Enough room to swing a cat in, so to speak. You don’t want everyone running into each other.

There are plenty of fitness regimes available online. These can give you a helping hand to design your own guide that will suit all of the colleagues and help everyone get involved. Of course, not everybody will be at the same fitness levels, and to make sure that no one gets discouraged, it is important to tailor a fitness class to welcome everyone in. The fitness class can have different workout types and different stages of workout intensity, and it can have people join in as they wish.

Avoiding injury is definitely important, and for those who don’t feel comfortable working out due to prior injuries, compression wear such as men’s compression pants can be a great way to alleviate those muscle tensions; compression pants help the body move in sync.

Should you want to make it a bit competitive and help drive everyone forward, some little competitions with rewards involved for most improved colleagues and individual achievements can help increase the feeling of success and how useful getting fit can feel for everyone.

Office environments are often seen as a collection of people who may be less fit than they currently wish, but by introducing fitness classes right on the doorstep, and doing it in a fun way that everyone can enjoy, you can increase the productivity of all of the workers and help them get fit at the same time. It is certainly a win-win situation.