Top Tips to Enhance Your E-Commerce Business


Ecommerce business has been marking its footprint for quite some time now and is gaining high- level popularity. Whether you are a novice entering the market or a well-settled business, you can never quench the thirst for increasing your sales to make profits. Thus there has been a continuous implementation of new strategies to generate higher revenues. There is a very thin line of difference that marks the difference between a successful and unsuccessful e-commerce business and that is due to the strategies they adopt for marketing their goods.

So if you are someone looking out for strategies to boost your sales, here is how you can do the same:

Using videos

Images and videos create a different kind of magic in the eyes of the customers. Thus using videos for your product promotion can leave a profound impact and make it simply astounding. Videos and images are attention seekers and can grab some instant eyeballs to browse your products. So an eye-catching video of your products on can serve you right for hiking your product sales. And thus helps you this way. Customers may forget the images and words, but video content has a longer impression in their minds.

Abandoned carts

Customers do add products to their carts, but they leave it abandoned, want to know why? According to stats, more than 79% of carts are left abandoned due to the inability of meeting the shopper’s needs. It may happen due to better prices that they may find in some other store or may be due to the additional charges that your store may be imposing in the form of taxes or shipping costs.

This will make your customers exit your store without making a purchase. 

So if you want to win back, such customers make sure that you do not charge additional costs so that their carts are never left abandoned.


Finding new customers is not that easy and turns out to be a tricky one, but retaining your already existing customers can help you reap profits. Building automated systems that can help you connect with your existing customers can be a great way to update your new products, discounts, promotional offers, etc. Also, it will strengthen the bond with your customers and narrate your loyalty. 

Customer testimonials with photo

Testimonials and reviews are an excellent way to show trustworthiness for your products. Testimonials with the user’s photographs and addresses can take you a step further showcasing a professional approach. It stands to be more convincing and appealing and resonates with your brand and products a level higher. Testimonials of happy customers can build your brand reputation and give you all the reasons to flaunt the same amongst your potential customers.

Give prime importance to customer services

If profit-making is your sole motive, then the only way that you can make it out is by your esteemed customers. You need to remember that this is not a one-way train; there should be a connection between the two from both sides. 

If you wish to generate profits from your customers, then you need to satisfy them by providing excellent customer services. And getting your satisfied customers to write reviews for you will further develop the credibility and reliability of your eCommerce store.

Use shipping as an advantageous tool

One may take shipping for granted, but you need to know many customers may cancel their orders due to late delivery. A few may also go to the extent of posting negative comments for the same. Thus you need to understand that shipping and delivery are so crucial for earning positive reviews and ratings. Around 80% of online shoppers make their purchase decisions based on delivery speed and shipping charges.

Therefore, all eCommerce stores should use the shipping factor as an advantage. They can do it by either getting the products delivered without charging any shipping costs or by using the fast delivery mode. It is believed that a customer may visit your store 2 or 3 times more if they find that your store offers free shipping.

Discounted bundles

Who doesn’t like to get discounts and offers on their purchased products? Sale and discount are a few things that can simply lure the customers and let them return to you being mesmerized by your offers. Referral discounts are irresistible and can win you a few more potential customers by your already existing ones. So go for discounts and offers and get some new customers hitting your store.


So these were a few ways in which you can generate some high-end revenue from your eCommerce store. So if you want to take your sales ahead of the stagnant level, you need to gear up with the latest strategies and implement it with full flair to entice your customers to shop at your store.