Tracx raises $12.5M

What does Tracx do?

Tracx, is a cloud based social media management system providing business analytics solution via social web. SMMS- Social Media Management System empowers brands and agencies with a highly advanced set of business analytics solutions designed for growing revenue and deepening consumer relationships via the social web. The company has engineered the most powerful real time social data analytics architecture which runs data mining tech and relevancy analysis for simplifying social analytics and helps in understanding what it all means. The company refines masses of raw data across all social media networks, turning the posts and interactions into total conversation with complete intelligence around each participant. This platform provides deep insight into competitor, customer and influencer behaviors, highlighting business chances and essential marketing intelligence.

Its innovative, cloud based solution enables in covering all the social media requirements from the strategic planning, daily conversation drivers and volumes, to the engagement, through a complete reporting suite with ROI capacity. In addition for the brand level activity. The company also manages activity at the campaign level enabling you in optimizing your efforts throughout the campaign life cycle.

How much Tracx was funded?

The company raised $12.5M in Series D on January 4, 2017 from Rick Rudman, Camden Partners and Edison Partners.

Previous funding

$4.4M in Series B on February 16, 2012 from Flybridge Capital Partners and  Revel Partners

$3.5M in Series B on March 8, 2013 from Flybridge Capital Partners and Revel Partners

$18M in Series C on February 2, 2015 from Klingenstein, Edison Partners and Fields & Co


What is next for Tracx?

Tracx plans on using the latest funding raised for supporting continued sales and marketing growth, and for expanding their footprint.

More about Tracx

Tracx was founded on July 1, 2008 by Ofer Fort, Asaf Shtekler, Niv Singer, Yaniv Ben-Arie and Noam Singer. It has its headquarters in New York, NY. Its client base of more than 350 brands and agencies which include Kraft, Canon, BMW, Coca Cola, IKEA, Pearson, Ford and MEC.