TrueFacet Raises $6M in Series A

What does TrueFacet do?

TrueFacet, is a leading online destination for buying and selling pre-loved designer watches and jewelry. The company differentiated itself by offering buyers and sellers a trusted authentication process and best value for sure. It is a certified pre-owned jewelry marketplace. This company was created for enabling luxury consumer for buying, selling and trading any item in their jewelry collection in a trusted manner and at a price which is fair. The company works with a group of seasoned investors who are supporting the company on their journey towards becoming the lead jewelry marketplace all over the world.

How much TrueFacet was funded?

The company raised $6M in Series A on September 20, 2016 from Rick Marini,  Liquid2 Ventures, Trilogy Equity Partners, Founders’ Co-op,  Freestyle Capital, Social Leverage and Maveron.

Previous funding

$4.31M on August 1, 2014 from Techstars, Right Side Capital Management and Sand Hill East.

$1.7M on February 10, 2015 from Trilogy, Maveron and Howard Lindzon.

Undisclosed amount in undisclosed round on June 8, 2015

$2.7M in undisclosed round on August 22, 2015 from Maveron, Social Leverage, Freestyle Capital and Founders’ Co-op.

What is next for TrueFacet?

TrueFacet has recently appointed Francois Kress, CEO of Carolina Herrera as its board of directors. The company has recently launched its Concierge Service, where buyers can text, email, call the most extravagant and everyday jewelry and watch wishes.

More about TrueFacet

TrueFacet, was founded on December 1, 2013 by Christopher Chan and Tirath Kamdar. It has its headquarters in New York, New York. The company is rapidly changing the opaque pre-loved jewelry market by providing customers with fail proof counterfeit detection, unmatched supply and deep value. The company was established with the best value in mind for the buyers and sellers. Every item in this company is best priced and is subjected to strict authentication process.