UGears Mechanical Models beyond the Imagination

UGears 3d puzzles are an exciting activity for adults and children, a working mechanical puzzle souvenir, an original interior decoration, and a great gift for any occasion. The Ukrainian company UGears was formed in 2014 by Denis Okhrimenko. Now, the company has its own production facility for the manufacture of branded wooden puzzles, located not far from Kyiv. Their talented designers and planners are dedicated to the development and implementation of exclusive 3d puzzles for adults and sets like Hurdy Gurdy kits. In case you haven’t heard, Hurdy-Gurdy by UGears is the first in the world mechanical musical puzzle, the replica of a real musical instrument of medieval times.

UGears wooden model kits for adults and children are wooden construction kits that do not need electric energy to move; they will plunge you into the amazing but slightly forgotten world of physics and mechanics, help you study the principles of various mechanisms.

In addition to all the listed advantages of UGears mechanical puzzles, such a model as the Treasure Box will be an excellent option for decorating a home interior or office with practical use.

The range of 3d wooden puzzles for adults and for children amazes with its diversity. The company’s craftsmen are constantly working on increasing the number of unique models. These puzzles are wooden tablets from which 3d puzzle parts are squeezed out and then assembled by hand, without glue and the use of auxiliary tools.

The high interest that these three-dimensional puzzles are gaining all over the world and the developer’s enthusiasm leave no doubt that fans of 3d puzzles will not be bored in the future. UGears mechanical puzzles will become an excellent gift for your loved ones and a souvenir even for foreign business partners. Be sure they will not remain indifferent.