VIDA Diagnostics Raises $5.1M


What does VIDA Diagnostics do?

VIDA Diagnostics, is the leader in precision pulmonary informatics. The company leads in quantitative lung analysis for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma and emphysema, establishing reproducible, objective and quantitative measures for disease detection and diagnosis, planning the treatment and measuring the response of therapy. The company participates in emerging pulmonary device market, its vision is establishing lung quantitative CT methods as the standard care for diagnosing and staging treatments for chronic lung disease treatments. The company offers special informatics solution which is a combo of software visualization and analytics and image analysis services. This solution includes both the therapeutic planning applications and diagnostics. For those who are suspected of lung cancer, their solution provides interventional pulmonologists with airway mapping software for guiding an optimal path to the bronchioscopic biopsy. For those suffering from emphysema, the company provides an wide range of advanced, clinically-validated measures for informing treatment selection to match the right treatment with the right patient, with focus on the betterment of outcomes.

How much VIDA Diagnostics was funded?

The company raised $5.1M in Series B on December 20, 2016 from Rural Vitality Fund, Iowa Seed Fund, Northern California Investment Fund, Next Level Ventures, Chartline Capital Partners and Rittenhouse Ventures.

Previous funding

$300k in undisclosed round on June 10, 2009

$2.5M in undisclosed round on October 23, 2014 from Next Level Ventures

$500k on October 23, 2014

What is next for VIDA Diagnostics?

VIDA Diagnostics plans on using the latest funding raised for fueling its growth with commercialization of its software and the Precision Services and hiring additional talent, and enhancing its clinical software and services.

More about VIDA Diagnostics

VIDA Diagnostics was founded in 2004 by Joseph M. Reinhardt. It has its headquarters in Coralville, Iowa. The company is focused on transforming the pulmonary care practice by empowering pulmonary