Visibility Is Your Friend – 4 Tips to Make Your Startup Stand Out


Is your early-stage business visible enough?

Countless startups fail because they simply don’t gain traction among the core prospect groups they need to draw in. For those affected, such failures can feel like failures of will — that is, things might have turned out differently had the principals tried just a little bit harder to get in front of the right people at the right time.

This line of thinking is seductive, but it’s only part of the story. Otherwise promising businesses can fail for reasons partly or totally outside the control of their principals. No matter what’s done to raise their profiles, they’re at the whim of forces far greater than they.

That’s not to say early-stage entrepreneurs shouldn’t do all they can to boost their visibility. These four strategies are all relatively quick, easy, and cheap — how many have you tried already?

  1.  Create a LinkedIn Company Page, Stat

 Some companies take to LinkedIn like fish to water. The LinkedIn company page for Sysco, one of the world’s largest food distributors, has more than 108,000 followers — not exactly surprising when you consider how many small and midsize business managers deal with the company every week.

Even if your company doesn’t have a clear business case for a vibrant LinkedIn company profile, there’s a good reason to invest in a LinkedIn company page: good old-fashioned organic SEO. LinkedIn ranks off the charts in organic search; as long as you keep your page clean and active, it’ll do wonders to boost your digital visibility.

2.Burnish Key Employees’ and Associates’ Wikipedia Entries

 Speaking of impressive organic search rankings: Wikipedia is another high-authority site for which there’s simply no good case to avoid.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure your key employees and associates have Wikipedia entries or stubs, provided they’re well-known enough to make the case. Do this even if said employees have no interest in taking ownership of this particular aspect of their digital lives. It’s unlikely that the Wikipedia page for moviemaker David Mimran’s father, a noted international businessman, was edited by the man himself. But that makes it no less crucial to his companies’ digital marketing strategy.

3.Buy Paid Search Ads Against Key Competitor Terms

 Newsflash: your customers are searching for content related to your competitors, too. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks each month to grab prime real estate in their results. As a generic example, you’ll want to buy paid search ads for “[your company name] cost” and “[competitor] cost”.

 4.Up Your Social Media Game

 Turning up and fleshing out social media profiles is a good first step, but those properties won’t maintain themselves. Up your social media game with daily (or nearly so) posts and attentive, brand-faithful shares and re-posts. Engage with followers and influencers, too. Your social media sphere should be your window on the world, and vice versa.

 Visibility Isn’t the Only Answer

 There’s no magic bullet to startup success.

No, not even market visibility. Sure, strong name ID is a crucial component of most B2C marketing strategies, but it’s just one facet of what must be a multi-pronged outreach effort. Remember, your competitors are knocking on the same doors as you are. If you can’t prove that your value proposition is superior to theirs, all the visibility in the world won’t save you.