Voodoo, A Digital Assistant For  Smartphone Users raises $1M

What does Voodoo do?

Voodoo, brings magic to your phone. It helps users in identifying the cheapest options across a range. This platform is here to change the way we shop online. This is a digital assistant which integrates with all the applications on your mobile device. It helps users in the receiving the best deals, compare prices, receive coupons and provide recommendations for their online shopping. While users continu shopping the normal way on their favorite application,  Voodoo interacts with the application for telling the users the best deals wihtout any additional effort.

How much Voodoo was funded?

Vodoo raised $1M in Seed funding on October 13th, 2015 from the investor SAIF Partners.

What is next for Voodoo?

Voodoo has launched its Android app last week and its iOS version in the process. Currently Voodoo compares prices, fares and coupons across different ridesharing apps and major e-commerce stores. But the company’s founded Mohit Mittal says it aspires to do more than finding deals and plans to use the funding for pushing out the new features on a regular basis. With plenty of price comparison sites, finding deals has become very easy as long as you are on a desktop but things are quite complicated on the mobile apps, especially if the smart phone is the main way of getting online, as it is for many in India. This company wants to help the consumers in India save money by helping them through service comparison in different apps wihtout having to install plenty of new ones.

More about Voodoo

Voodoo was founded in 2015 by Vijay Simha Reddy and Mohit Mittal. It has its headquarters in Delhi, Delhi. To use it you have to download the app, which will then run in the background of your device. When users open an e-commerce app or ridesharing app and type in their product or destination, Voodoo’s icon will appear and it will show a list of similar options in other apps.