What are the SEO strategies for 2019?


The world of internet is growing and it is becoming difficult every day to keep up with the pace of the growing phase of the internet. The internet feels like it just started out yesterday but the expansion now feels enormous.

A score or two ago no one would have thought that the internet would take over the globe. Right now it has become the key factor that drives the world. Without the internet, the world would stand still.

Internet covers a variety of areas and not just entertainment or knowledge sectors. For instance, the device that you are reading this from is connected to the internet and is seeking various data to keep itself updated and also enables to provide you with what/when you need.  This is the beauty of the internet. The world is big but technologies like these have made it small.

Why you need internet for your business?

Now, there are a lot of purposes for the internet. The main concerning one for you as a seller would be the marketing strategies. The internet is a host. It provides you with a platform. With the help of this given platform, you would be able to promote your product. But the catch here is that it is not that easy.

As mentioned earlier, the internet is expanding. It is becoming accessible to everyone on Earth. This may come off as a good thing because you would want everyone to see your product but the problem is the number of competitors is also increasing.

The internet is a platform, yes, but it is not exclusively for you. Rather you could put it as an inclusive business platform. Those who are able to shine make a cut and those who do not are submerged into the shadows of those who placed ahead.

Business is very unpredictable. Sometimes you might be lucky and sometimes not. But the main thing is you would have to keep pushing yourself. Now, as mentioned only those who shine are able to make a cut, but how do you shine?

The word shine used here is to emphasize how much people view you. If you are generating a lot of views you are shining else you are not. If you are running a business website and you are able to attract a lot of users then you are shining. In the end, this is the ultimate goal. You would be able to have an increase in the sales of your product only if you are able to get it into a greater audience.  But with thousands of new websites coming daily how exactly would you do that?

How can internet grow your business?

SEO helps you grow your business at the basic level. The word SEO stands for search engine optimization. The idea here is that using the SEO tools you would be able to increase the rank of your search in a particular search engine. The higher the rank, the greater are the chances that people visit your website. The algorithms of search engines fluctuate a lot and without the use of proper SEO tools, it is less likely that you would be able to keep your site from succumbing.

SEO’s are very advantageous. If you are able to utilize the SEO tools that have been provided properly you would be able to handle your page rank very well. After all, the ultimate goal is to finish at the top mark of a search engine.

You can try out the best SEO companies Atlanta to grow your business in 2019. There are a lot of strategies that the SEO implements every year. For the year 2019, these are some of the main strategies:

  1. Utilization of command search

Command/Voice search has been a very integral part of search engines these days. Smart AI’s are taking the control. Software(s) like Cortana or Siri have taken over the search world. The implementation of AI has made things easier for better search results. With the help of this AI, one could increase the focus on exact search terms and long-tail words to get better efficiency. With the help of this strategy, one could benefit him/herself for getting landed with better search results.

  1. All about the video

Online streaming has been very popular and many companies are using it for promotion purposes. Various media outlets support this functionality and it is ever growing. It was limited to only certain social media websites at the start but seeing its popularity grow, now almost all the popular social media allow for online streaming. You could hope for promoting your things through this platform.

Online streams are mostly viewed by a greater audience. It need not be a live stream. You could just make a video promoting your content and let it be there. If your audience size is about a thousand the probable estimate watch would be over ten thousand. A thing to note here is that you would have to promote the video though. So, to promote the content you would need an initial investment. But this investment would be of total worth. SEO tools further would help to generalize the audience and help study their reaction. You could then act accordingly. If you are able to please a great array of an audience then you would be able to attract more.

  1. AI for the future

AI has been a growing concept around the present growing society. In the 20th century it was all about physics and chemistry but as we progress to the 21st it is all about AI. The thing about AI chatbots is that we do not have to hard code every situational problem. The AI would be able to process the query and then give the output accordingly.

If you are to use this on your website, you would see a significant rise in the number of visitors. It is because at the start people would be clueless about your website and also about your product. Calling a helpline every time or writing an email to the helpdesk for every query would be a bad option. So, with the help of AI, this problem would be resolved. The query could then be processed, synthesized and displayed to the user in a matter of seconds. The interaction would increase the number of users as they feel very convinced using your website.

These were few of the SEO strategies for 2019. These new ideas would be implemented next year for a better search optimized results.