What It’s Like To Work At A Crypto Startup


Cryptocurrencies are enamoring investors and markets alike all around the globe, with major financial institutions and transnational companies beginning to invest serious amounts of capital into these fledgling digital tokens. Despite all the hubbub surrounding the mainstream actors who are embracing cryptocurrencies, however, those who work at the smalltime crypto startups are doing the real work of pushing this exciting new technology out to the public.

Given that crypto startups are so imperative to the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain services, it’s worthwhile to learn about how they function on a daily basis. Here’s what it’s like to work at a crypto startup.

Things are constantly evolving

Perhaps the defining aspect of the crypto startup sector is that things are constantly evolving, as the impressive technology that’s powered the rise of popular tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to mature on a nearly daily basis. This means that daily life at a crypto startup can be tumultuous, but that’s nothing new to those foraying into an emerging industry with the hopes of making it big. With the cryptocurrency market primed for explosive growth in the near-future, we should continue to expect sudden, unexpected changes as the industry grows and morphs into a matured, more regulated version of itself.

The fact that the cryptocurrency market is currently hovering around a trillion dollar valuation means that startups will be in hot demand for the foreseeable future, too. After all, investors don’t just want to bet on the big fish that are finally getting behind cryptocurrencies, but also want to support those innovative entrepreneurs who will one day become industry titans in their own right. There’s thus a number of crypto startups that are primed to jump from a smaller pond into the bigger economic waters of the mainstream market, with a number of startups in particular having already generated quite a buzz for themselves.

9 companies in particular have enjoyed intense media coverage lately, though the “who’s who” of the crypto startup industry will doubtlessly continue to change as newcomers enter the market as established players fail or evolve. Working at a crypto startup, you’ll be immersed in a sea of talented human capital that’s intent on changing the world, and the growing amount of ambitious startups is testament to the fact that crypto-based business applications hold serious potential as time goes on.

It’s steadily becoming more legitimate

Many workers who have spent time at crypto startups can tell you a familiar tale about illegitimacy. Their product or service is intriguing, investors may have told them, but their overall industry is so shady and new that it’s just too illegitimate to throw their financial heft behind. Lately, however, crypto startups have been slowly but surely becoming more legitimate in the eyes of investors, along with bitcoin itself,  and the broader public. Established fintech veterans like Thomas Carter are also generating a buzz by bolstering the overall reputation of crypto startups and the broader industry.

You’ll thus find many eager professionals working in crypto startups who logically take offense to the insinuation that all ICOs are scams. After all, a great deal of popular tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum have accrued impressive valuations for themselves and are regularly traded in all sorts of economic transactions around the globe. It’s thus natural that those hardworking professionals who are powering most crypto startups will continue to gain confidence in themselves and their nascent industry as the years pass by.

Crypto startups are exciting because they’re so mysterious

The enigmatic reputation of crypto startups may seem to act as a deterrent for joining the industry to some, but others see crypto startups as being particularly exciting exactly because they’re so mysterious in the first place. As the personal accounts of those working in crypto startups remind us, these companies promise to legitimately change the marketplace as we know it. There’s plenty of promise and ambition surrounding the crypto-market, but there’s also a veil of ignorance when it comes to the future that’s exciting in part because of how daunting it is.

It’s also exciting because of the danger associated with the industry. As those working at crypto startups will be the first to tell you, many of these fledgling companies go bankrupt and fail to ever realize their ambitions. Thus, there’s a harsh work ethic prevailing in the industry, as professionals are struggling to differentiate themselves and their services from competitors. Market crashes in the valuation of such tokens as Ethereum or Bitcoin can shutter startups overnight, meaning these professionals have no illusion about the insecurity (yet profitability) that often defines their workspace.

Crypto startups aren’t going away anytime soon; indeed, there are plenty of reasons to believe that more companies will emerge in the near-future to cash in on the ongoing cryptocurrency boom. Don’t let the doom-and-gloom predictions surrounding certain tokens fool you – crypto startups are alive and well.