Running a business is hard work, and it’s even more challenging when your employees become bored and disengaged. What you don’t want to do is make a tough situation even worse by ignoring it or pretending like all is fine.

Acknowledge their feelings and opinions and start brainstorming ways you can squash this issue and get them loving what they do again. All may be fine in your world, but you should always be checking in with your staff and making sure they’re satisfied too. Watch for red flags and warning signs such as them losing motivation and working at a slower pace and then take action and make changes.

Ask for their Feedback

Never assume you know what’s going on with your employees until you actually ask them. Sit down individually and as a group and start the conversation about why they’re feeling disengaged from the company or their jobs. You may find some obstacles and roadblocks are keeping them from being enthusiastic about their work and performing to the best of their abilities. It could be a simple fix, but you won’t know how to retain your employees until you pick their brains.

Offer Teambuilding Activities

While your employees are there to do a job, they’re also looking for reasons why they should stay at your company versus taking a different proposal from a competitor. It’s important to offer perks, rewards and regular teambuilding activities to lift the mood and their spirits. One great idea is to bring them to the Escape Room Milwaukee where they’ll have to put their heads together as a team and problem solve their way out of a complicated mystery maze. Incorporate more of these kinds of activities and your employees will quickly change their attitude.

Hold Regular Team Meetings

Keep the attention of your employees by checking in with them often. You can accomplish this goal by holding regular team meetings and seeing what’s going on with them. Use this time to brainstorm new ideas, work through obstacles and share stories of success. Not touching base for weeks at a time will cause even more distance between you and your team and they’ll be more likely to become disengaged with the company and their job duties.

Provide more Challenging Work

It’s your responsibility to hire the right people for the right job and provide work that makes them use their skills and talents. Not having enough to do or dishing out assignments that are over their heads are two ways to quickly make them feel disengaged in what they’re doing. It has to be a mix of duties and a good balance of work that’s challenging and that they can actually perform when they put their mind to it.


The good news is there are plenty of practical ways to take action when your employees become disengaged at the office. Be careful to not put the blame on them and instead look at your internal processes and procedures first. Make any necessary adjustments and notice how quickly the environment and their outlooks take a turn for the better.