Are you already importing from China or you are thinking of how you can import from China? Today, China is believed to be the best country where you can get good quality products at cheaper prices. China has a good business environment and has attracted many companies and industries.

Importing from China means you are going to use either ocean freight or air for shipment of your goods. However, these are not the only things that you need to know as there are other numerous and important aspects that you should put in mind.


It is good to ensure all the important aspects involved in the importation are taken care of to ensure so that you can succeed in the sourcing world.

This article will list some of the things you need to check out that are critical when you are considering importing from China.

  1. What do you want to achieve?

Of course, when venturing into business, every business owner has their own objectives. Some get into businesses to bridge a market gap and some get into business to satisfy their own interests. The same applies when you are considering importing from China. It is good to plan your import objectives i.e. what you are trying to achieve. Some business people would want to import from China since they want to get cheaper suppliers and some want to import products that are not available in other countries.

  1. Trade regulations

Different countries have different government trade regulations.  Every product has its rules that govern either how it should be used or how it should be sold in the market. You must ensure to do enough research to find out the rules and regulations that govern the products you are thinking of importing from China.

  1. Partner with trustworthy Chinese suppliers

Today, there are a lot of corn artist all over and the business world has been invaded in a larger percentage so it is good to ensure you choose a reputable Chinese supplier. The supplier must be accountable for the products that you are looking for. Remember the process of importing is governed by its own rules and regulations, in case anything happens on the way, the supplier must be responsible for that. Therefore it is good to ensure you don’t just partner with a supplier who will tell you that he/she abides by the regulations.

  1. Chose an appropriate method of shipment

When importing from China, the only common methods are either by sea or by air. If you have ample time and you are thinking of importing large quantities, then it is good to use sea freight for shipment of your goods. If the goods are needed urgently and need to be transported in a safe manner, then air freight is recommended. However, all these two methods are good so long as your goal is to receive your goods, but you should be flexible in that when one method fails, you can go for the other method of transportation.