White Ops Lands $20M Series B

What does White Ops do?

White Ops, is a provider of sophisticated invalid traffic detection and prevention services for digital advertising market. This company is making the internet safe for humans. The company detects bots, in real time. The makers of this company are security experts, scientists and engineers who developed a unique method for combating bot fraud. Their technology is precise, deterministic, and works across everything from small brand campaigns to exchanges and web scale. The company’s ultimate goal is eradicating fraud from the online ecosystem. The White Ops Fraud sensor customer include many top national publishers and advertisers, and its MediaGaurd is employed by major advertisement technology platform who are demonstrating their commitment for ensuring media transparency and reducing the negative economic impact fraud in the digital media supply chain.

How much White Ops was funded?

The company raised $20M in Series B on September 19, 2016 from Grotech Ventures and Paladin Capital Group.

Previous funding

$2M on March 1, 2013 from BON Capital Partners , Shawn Kreloff and LLC.

$2M on January 1, 2014 from Three Tree Ventures

Undisclosed amount on March 1, 2014 from Eleven Two Capital

$9M in Series A on June 24, 2014 from Paladin Capital Group and Grotech Ventures

What is next for White Ops?

The company plans to use the latest funding raised for accelerating its leadership in research and development, and enabling strategic expansion of its national and international sales and marketing footprint.

More about White Ops

White Ops was founded in 2012 by Tamer Hassan, , Ash Kalb, Dan Kaminsky and Michael Tiffany. It has its headquarters in New York, New York. This company is a pioneer in detection and systematic defense against malware and bot fraud, providing enterprise and advertisers businesses with the tolls necessary for eliminating fraud, raising their bottom lines and ensuring success of their campaigns and the security of their data and systems.