Why A Traditional College Education Isn’t Always The Answer

As kids, we all heard the same rhetoric about how important it is for everyone to go to college and how one must get a traditional university education if they want to be successful. However, with more and more college educated people unable to find employment, some people are starting to wonder if a college education is still all that worthwhile.

Of course there is plenty of value in a college education, from the way it personally enriches a person to the way it can help someone to enter a competitive job field. However, a college education isn’t right for everyone. Here are some reasons why a traditional college education isn’t always the answer.

College Isn’t Necessary For Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of young people who know that they want to own their own business someday. Traditionally, young people with this mindset were told to enroll in business school so that they could learn the mechanics of launching and running their own enterprise.

However, with the rising cost of tuition, many entrepreneurial young people are deciding that their money would be better spent on start-up costs than it would be on a traditional university education. We’ve all heard the stories of billionaires who dropped out of Ivy League schools and started their own corporations. Furthermore, with the rise of the internet, it’s easier than ever to access information on your own without having it laid out to you by a professor or lecturer.

Experience Can Be Incredibly Valuable

Many young people see the value in a college education, but they fail to see the value in experience. For many careers, experience can be just as if not more valuable as a university education. For example, if it was your goal to someday manage a retail store, experience working a lower level retail job, perhaps augmented with some retail courses, would be much more valuable than a college degree in an unrelated field.

The Rising Popularity Of Technical Colleges

In the old days, there was a stigma surrounding technical colleges. Many people thought that those who attended technical schools were only doing so because they weren’t smart enough for a traditional university.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A technical college is just a place where someone goes to learn a specialized skill without taking a bunch of classes in subjects that have little to no real world value. If you want a guaranteed career and think you’d be bored learning the humanities, a technical school is a perfect alternative to a traditional university.

Unsure Of Goals

In the old days, plenty of young people went to school before they were sure of what they wanted to do as a career. These youngsters just took different classes in a quest to discover what interested them. Today, with college being as expensive as it is, this is often a waste of money. Many of these indecisive young people would be better off taking a few years off to work or explore their interests without a hefty tuition bill.

There are many reasons why a college education isn’t always the answer. Remember, there’s nothing shameful or wrong about pursuing a different type of education outside of the traditional university system.