With various technologies and social media networks becoming a part of life, it has become vital for everyone to ensure that he or she is safe from the various threats that characterize the internet. Just like any other corner of the world, the internet is full of people with malicious intentions.

It is essential, therefore, for you to invest in a good VPN. When you venture in the market today, you will find out that numerous companies provide reliable VPN services with each one striving to cater to the specific needs of their client.

A VPN helps the user to stay safe in two ways:

  • It cloaks and encrypts the signal from your computer to ensure that your online activities are not monitored
  • It also changes and masks your IP address to appear as if you are in a foreign country

These measures help to make it hard for government agents in repressive states to track your online activity or eavesdrop on your social media activity. Masking your IP address ensures that your online activities always seem to appear from another country. This allows you to access content that is only accessible from certain jurisdictions due to copyright issues.

Is it a great idea to use a VPN for social media? Yes, it is. The following are the reasons why.

1. It gives you the confidence to use public Wi-Fi

Most of the public WI-FI networks that people use in cafes or hotels are vulnerable to hacking. In fact, even junior hackers are able to hack into these networks and access your data because the data is not encrypted. If you stay in hotels regularly or you travel a lot, then you often use hotel WI-FI, and it is crucial that you protect yourself with a VPN.

A VPN encrypts all your communication so that your connection is secure. With it, you can enjoy the services without having to worry about the hacker next door.

2. It provides a break from restrictive institutional or state networks

In educational institutions such as schools and colleges, browsing is often restricted to specific sites only. When studying or working in such institutions, social media is usually the first area to which you will lose access. If you are in such a place, it is impossible to access your social media sites or other sites that you may want to visit. This makes it hard for you to communicate with friends and family.

To bypass such restrictions and others imposed by the institutions, you need a VPN. The VPN masks your identity and encrypts your connection so that you are able to connect to all the sites you want without problems.

3. VPNs help you to hide your search history and research online guaranteeing your privacy

Today, most hackers and companies want to know as much as they can about your online history. This is because by using your search history, companies are able to know you better and know what products they can target you with.

Online history can also be used to intrude your privacy by studying your search history. For instance, hackers can access and expose the queries you type on Google, an expose that might be a little embarrassing for most people. Specific search terms such as low libido or anti-depressants, for instance, can be used to collect information that could be used to blackmail some people.

The only way to ensure that you are safe from sniffers is by protecting yourself, family, or business using a VPN every time you access your social media accounts. It is also crucial to use strong passwords, avoid sharing too much on social media, and where possible, hide your true identity.

4. To Access Social Media from Anywhere in the World

While it might not apply to everyone, there are quite a few countries across the world where the internet is censored. While that is a much deeper issue that touches much more than just your Instagram account being inaccessible, a VPN allows you to bypass the filters.

Keep in mind that not all VPN providers work in countries such as China. Even if you’re only going to travel there, do your research beforehand and select a reliable app that will allow you to update your friends easily and without any hassle.

On top of that, this means you will also be able to access your usual sites while you’re abroad – such as the USA Netflix library if you’re going abroad from the United States. This is just one example, but with a good VPN, no geo-restricted content is off limits.

It’s not all just about watching movies and posting your vacation pictures. Did you know that in Turkey, Wikipedia is blocked? Here’s your reason to get a VPN right now! While you’re at it, use your VPN to get better fares on your tickets or better deals for your new vacation clothes.