“Wiith” a new startup helps you meet new friends


Who is Wiith for?

Wiith a new social application helps individuals to make new friends instead of dating, as on Tinder. The main aim of Wiith is to connect people who follow similar kind of interests, likes and make them join for local parties or events, just like what “Meetup” do. It has been tested past that this youth generation feels more comfortable with technology, apps to connect with their friends rather than in-person conversations. Number of applications like meet-up has been launched till date, but none have reached Meet-up features till now with 21.5 million users and over 9,000 groups within the local communities. Wiith tried to remodel the Meetup application, which has recently changed to mobile application having added many useful features like messaging.

What does Wiith do?

Wiith can be downloaded free from iTunes. On Wiith, clients can make or go along with others posted occasions. In addition, the individuals who make the occasion can likewise pick who gets the opportunity to go to by sanctioning or declining candidates – something that gives Wiith a Tinder-like feel to it. These occasions can be included the fly, or planned out for a later date. The application additionally lets clients take after other individuals of interest and get warnings when they recommend a joint, and get occasion recommendations when it’s calm.

What are the features of Wiith?

There is smart thought in there to relax up the Meetup model, while riffing on the hot-or-not selectivity that Tinder takes into consideration but rather Wiith today is still too inadequately populated to be valuable just yet. The application offers the framework, yet hasn’t fabricated the group. In any case, helping fresh debuts make companions, the application could work for the individuals who are simply going by another city, as well. You will frequently see these sorts of profiles on Tinder, where the individual clarifies they’re simply searching for somebody to have a beverage with or offer a feast, for instance.

What’s next in Wiith?

Today, there are a little more than 1,000 clients, essentially in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Peninsula, on Wiith. The organizers are planning to persuade some “influencers” to utilize its application for their up and coming occasions as an approach to pick up footing nearby other more traditional showcasing routines.